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Faith ~ Adopted


Hi I am "Faith" one of the Lucky 7. The vet says I am about 3-4 years old a beautiful Tri colored, smooth coat, purebred Border Collie. My foster mom says this is a story all about me so here it goes...

I was rescued from a horrible start in a puppy mill in Tennessee. All the dogs lived outside, in bad weather with little care. Even with this start, I am a soft, super sweet girl who is trying to figure life out. I am never mean or aggressive just fearful of life. Outside is the best, this is what I am use to so I am comfortable, walking on a leash is a "piece of cake" until some thing scares me then I lay flat on the ground and wait for foster moms soothing words, treats and off we go again.

I am very good in the house and will go to the door when I am told it is time, I am only allowed outside with a lead dragging since I get scared and am very hard to catch and the doorway scares me. Some floors I cant walk on because I slide, and I think i will fall, so I lay down again. Foster dad carries me if I get to frighten to walk.

I don't mind my foster brothers and sister (we have quite a few) the cats are boring to me. Sleeping in my crate or even a bed with people is my best place and rarely have accidents.

My foster mom says I am easier then those cats to take care off. Well that's all for now, my foster mom has some more information to give.

All My Best,
NEBCR "Faith"

Faith will need the most patient of dog homes, she is a work in progress who makes very small strides. Her nature is loving and gentle but she is scared of the world. She does love the outside but home life is so very unfamiliar. Years of isolation has left her with a noise sensitivity. When something is loud or unfamiliar she will retreat to her safe spot or just flatten. She picks areas in the house (Crate, bedroom floor, hallway closet) to be alone.

Once she is brought back to busy area, we limit access to these areas and she adjusts.

If you are a dog savvy home, with love, lots of time and patience Faith has potential to overcome her beginnings and conquer her fears.

Faith is being fostered in Massachusetts.


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