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Fenway ~ ADOPTED



If you're looking for a family dog, Fenway is your guy! He is very loving and snuggly and will gladly cuddle on your couch or bed, if invited, but if not invited will not assume that he is wanted there. Fenway particularly enjoys snuggling at bedtime with the four year old boy in his foster home.

Fenway gets along well with most dogs, and will not react to barking dogs on walks. He is currently living with two other dogs in his foster home, and is quite fond of the easy going male. Fenway may enjoy a canine companion to wrestle with but the dog would need to be easy going, as Fenway feels defensive with aggressive or pushy dogs. In his foster home he wrestles daily with the resident twelve year old Lab, and is very careful to not hurt him or become over exuberant.

Until Fenway settles in, he may initially appear to be fairly intense. He at first was reactive to a (non-moving) ceiling fan and would jump in circles and bark. He has made amazing progress with this is a very short time, and can almost always be easily redirected. The key is to avoid overstimulating situations that would cause him to fixate on something.

Fenway is not sensitive to unfamiliar sights and sounds, but thunder, gun shots and fireworks do frighten him.

Fenway enjoys his daily walks and hikes, and zooms around the yard chasing birds in the sky, but will settle nicely in the house. He doesn't particularly like to be alone, and may wait by the door (sometimes barking) to be let inside if his people are not with him. He is very affectionate, and loves attention and petting.

Although confident, he checks in with his people for 'approval' often, and will win you over when he sits in a begging position with his front paws held up for you to hold. Fenway rides well in the car.

As he is not particularly car/street savvy, a fence is required for his safety. He does have a good recall, but has in the past been known to have a strong prey drive and may chase cats, squirrels, chickens and rabbits.

At this time, he cannot be trusted off leash in a non-secure area where he may encounter something "worth chasing". To keep his mind and body occupied, Fenway would love an active, outdoorsy forever family that would exercise with him daily.

Fenway is the sweetest, most affectionate Border Collie his foster family has ever met. He can be hugged and kissed all day and will never shy away from snuggles.

Fenway is being fostered in central Vermont.

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