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As you can see below, Fife's life didn't get off to a great start, but little did he know that when he landed in his foster home, he was home for good! Check out Fife's story in the video below, complete with happy ending.


Fife is about a one and half to two year old, male, red tri border collie. He came into rescue with the Terrific Ten group. He had a large intestinal parasite load which caused severe anemia and malnourishment. He had not an ounce of fat on his bones, but his very fluffy coat hid just how emaciated he was. Within 3 weeks, he was cleared of all parasites, gained 3-4 pounds, and all his blood values were normalized.

While it is taking him a little bit to warm up to human interaction and he can get fearfully panicked easily, he is quickly learning the routine, loves his crate now, and looks to his foster mom at the sound of his name.

In the last week, Fife decided that he loves to try to get his foster siblings riled up by chasing and barking and biting at them while they play fetch. In just the last few days, he has discovered that toys are fun to catch and rip up, and the back of the couch is an excellent place to lounge or launch off in pursuit of a ball.

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