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Firefox ~ Special Needs


Firefox is an adorable red & white Border Collie. She has gorgeous prick ears, and a tail that's just a little too short. She is estimated to be about 1.5 years old. She is spayed and up to date on vaccines. She is a super sweet little (30 pounds) girl who loves people. Firefox was picked up as a stray in CT and went unclaimed, so animal control contacted us for help. Her coat is in poor condition but is improving with an appropriate diet.

Firefox is active and energetic and loves to play fetch! She gets along with other dogs, although it took her a little while to figure out what were appropriate behaviors and what weren't. She's a good student, though, and continues to learn.

Firefox will engage in herding and chasing of other dogs around the yard, but is easily redirected with a toy of her own to fetch, which is a great quality!

She is very, very interested in the kitties in her foster home but thus far only freezes and stares, and again, she can be redirected easily, although she will quickly return to them if not given anything more interesting to do. Should she go to a home with kitties, it would need to be be one with dog savvy cats and an adopter committed to continuing her education in manners with kitties.

Firefox loves to spend time with her people, and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure she is not left out of the fun. She is able to leap 4 foot fences with ease - she jumps up, balances on top, and jumps over. Not sure if she would be able to do with with a wire fence, but certainly wouldn't want to test it. She doesn't try to leave the yard if you are out there with her, but if you try to go out to get something, she'll just join you!

She will voice her displeasure at being left inside the house when you leave, but not for long, just a few barks to let you know she really would rather be going too. She is crate trained and settles nicely in a crate.

Firefox is special needs because she is going blind. Currently, she has little to no vision in her right eye, and diminished vision in her left. Her vision will continue to deteriorate until she is completely blind. This is caused by her retina degenerating. It is *not* a painful condition, but there is no treatment or cure. Because the vision loss is fairly gradual, she will be able to adjust very well. In fact, most blind dogs are so well adapted to their disability, people don't even realize they are blind.

To learn more about living with a blind dog, please visit: www.blinddogs.com

Firefox is looking for an understanding adopter committed to ensuring that she lives life to the fullest despite her disability. She's not letting it bother her, and neither should her person! A fenced yard is required. Her new family will be required to attend an approved positive reinforcement based training class with her.

Firefox is being fostered in upstate NY on the border of Southern VT.

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