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Dexter ~ ADOPTED






Dexter is an incredibly happy Border Collie that shows his love with snorts and snuffles. He is a very sweet dog that has no problem with cats, children, and most dogs. He is house trained and knows all of his basic commands, such as, sit, down, stay, come, touch, spin, and paw.

When Dexter is happy he wiggles back and forth; this happens quite often, as he is happy from dawn till dusk. One of his favorite activities is relaxing in bed and watching the world from a window, just to make sure that the neighbors are happy as well.

As with all dogs, Dexter has a few issues that we are working on, but they can be easily managed or trained. He used to bark to demand things such like food or attention, but now he will kindly nose you to show that he is available. If he can't resist the urge to voice his concerns, then his noises can range from a deep bark to a funny whistle, but we no longer hear him talk as frequently. While Dexter is fine running in a fenced in area, he will go for a joy run if left off leash. Thankfully, he's very easy to catch and can be persuaded with cookies and car rides to come back.

While walking Dexter can be a bit much for some people as he pulls at random intervals to investigate things. Thankfully, he walks much better on a harness and is a gentleman when walked with a head collar.

Food is Dexter's Achilles' heel, and he tends to mournfully stare from a slight distance while someone is eating, but he won't push the matter if you assure him that the food isn't for him. He will no longer steal regular food off the kitchen counters, but he can't help himself if the food is lower, say on a side table, and he's left alone with it for too long.

Lastly, he has a weight problem and has been on a diet which has been working wonderfully. This means that his food must be limited and he can only be given healthy treats. Good thing he likes carrots and cucumbers! On this diet he has already lost 14 lbs and is nearly to his ideal weight.

Dexter really is a doll and will make a very good pet for someone that wants a moderately active dog that is trained and content in the house. He loves everyone that he meets and has never had a bad day in his life.

Dexter will do best in a home that can provide him with a good diet, plenty of love, and a warm place to curl up in at night.


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