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Hi, my name is Gabe! I am approximately a year and half old tri-colored rough coat rambunctious AND HANDSOME border collie. Geesh, there is so much to say but I'll try to keep it to a short story instead of a novel-after all there are many Frisbees that need to be caught so I must be somewhat brief.

Speaking of Frisbee, let me first tell you that I LOVE TO PLAY FRISBEE! I will play with pretty much any toys but Frisbee is definitely my favorite. I will make a FABULOUS Frisbee partner as I am happy to do all the work-I even bring it right to your feet every time so you don't have to move much!

My foster Mom is so impressed with my lightening speed, air catches and flips that she often softly claps and hollers for me-its like having my own cheerleader!

In my foster home, I live with three very small Chihuahuas, another Border Collie and a 13 year old Aussie. I get along well with them even when the Chihuahua in Charge or Old Timer Aussie like to remind me that they are in charge-honestly, I am too concerned about playing with my toys to be bothered with such politics! I do like my toys so I would do best in a home where furry siblings are good at sharing.

I am happy to take treats and food from your hand but if there is a toy around, I prefer the toy as a reward. I am learning what my foster mom calls "manners" such as I sit at a door and wait to be released to go outside, before I exit my crate (yes, of course I am crate trained) I am trying to understand this whole leash walking thing-for some reason my foster mom doesn't want to go everywhere I want to go-!

I am man enough to admit that I am usually frightened in new environments and loud noises, trucks, cars, big buildings and some shapes cause me to try to hide. As each day goes by I learn to relax a little more. I am trying really hard to be brave but this is a big world and can be very overwhelming to a guy! I need to go at my own pace when it comes to new things.

I have not met any children since I have been with my foster family but Mom says I shouldn't be in a home with small children as I may accidentally knock them down when I am on a fetch mission! Also since I am still unsure of noises and sudden movements, I would probably be frightened around small kids and older children who are not dog savvy.

Did I mention I LOVE toys? Sometimes it's really hard to focus when there are toys to play with! I am learning to have an "off switch". Sometimes Mom puts he toys away so I can settle.

So in a nutshell, I am a great guy with a few quirks. I would be very happy with a family who wants to do Frisbee and/or agility as I am very athletic, fast and have a super work ethic. I really enjoy hiking and need to have a full schedule each day to meet my exercise requirements. I would be best in a border collie experienced home or at least a home experienced with training fearful active dogs. My Mom says my forever family will be required to take a positive reinforcement training class to continue my education!

I am a very special young man and according to my own personal Cheerleader (a.k.a. foster Mom) I haven't even begun to realize my potential! If you want to be my forever family, please fill out an application.

Gabe is being fostered in Eastern Upstate NY.

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