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Gidget ~ ADOPTED




Hi! My name is Gidget and my birthday is April 8, 2011. I am hoping to have a forever home of my own. My first family loved me so much they realized I needed more than what they could give me.

I’ve been learning lots of new things since coming into what they call foster. I am figuring out how easy it is to get a human to give me a yummy treat! All you have to do is do something like walk in your crate or lie down or, get this, not eat the treat in their hand! Crazy I know, but it works!

I have three foster siblings, one of whom has decided to become my big brother and show me the ropes. Aidan keeps telling me about this agility thing he does. He says it’s a lot of fun ‘cause you get to run around, on, under and over things. He’s even taught me to go through these long tube things called tunnels and loves to tease me into chasing him through them. I even go in them on my own sometimes just to show him what a big girl I am.

I’ve even started going to “class.” There are lots of puppies and young dogs all learning like I am about this thing called “impulse control.” I’m getting better at just waiting until told I can go do something. Man is that hard! I’m also learning that I get lots of goodies if I stay by my foster mom’s side or offer different things like walking on objects. I have to say it is helping with my coordination which is still a work in progress. I’m still growing you know!

I love to play tug too but have to do that impulse control thing instead of just grabbing for it if I let go by mistake. Humans also don’t like puppies to grab at them with their teeth or jump up on things. I have so much to learn, but am figuring all these things out.

Foster mom here: Gidget is a spunky, typical border collie puppy. She will probably grow up to be about 35-40 pounds and about 20” at the withers. She has a lovely long body and legs and has no problem jumping over a 3 foot expen. She does show mild fear of strangers but quickly warms up with some treats. She has been very appropriate with all my dogs. She can react if another dog is reacting at her in a new place but is easily redirected.

At her age, there is lots of potential to go in many different directions. We strongly believe that a sport home is probably the best fit for this promising starlet. She shows moments of turning on that border collie stare/herding instinct more and more. She has a lovely off switch too and settles nicely when everyone else is.

A fenced in yard is preferred but an appropriate daily exercise routine will be considered. Due to Gidget's soft nature, she is NOT a candidate for a yard with electric/invisible fencing.

Gidget has not been tested around cats but it was noted on her relinquishment that she will chase them.

She currently lives with a female border collie, a male mini-aussie and a male border collie/sheltie cross.

She has also been and continues to be introduced to new situations and people/dogs which her new home will have to continue.

A home with children older than 10 would be most appropriate as younger children can be scared by puppy antics of play biting and scratching.

A positive reinforcement class will be required as part of her adoption.

Gidget is being fostered in Connecticut.

A signed spay contract and additional $300 deposit will be a requirement of her adoption and the spay surgery must be completed within the time frame specified.


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