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Glen is a 17 month old (born 8/11/2015) neutered male border collie. He has been in rescue for a few months now as his foster home worked through some obsessive compulsive behaviors such as spinning continually, whether in or outside. The spinning was so bad he would bloody his paws. Working with his vet, he was started on some Prozac and is now doing wonderfully. Glen was a pet store pup who spent too long in the pet store and developed the OCD behaviors. A Good Samaritan "sprung" him and while he was a good boy, they recognized that he did have some special needs that needed addressing.

Glen has gone through several weeks of "foundation" training where he learned to relax on a mat, to wait for a release word, and to focus on his handler. His volunteer trainer has continued to bring him to agility classes which he truly loves. He is confident on all equipment, including the teeter and looks forward eagerly to his class each week.

Glen loves to play with his human, eagerly retrieving and attempting to catch. He is not great at bringing the object all the way back but he sure tries hard! Glen does not have a really "soft" mouth as he missed out on early learning experiences by being in the pet shop cage. He is learning though.

Glen is in a foster home with several other dogs and does well with them. He would not do well, however, with a "pushy" or "in your face" type of dog. If someone starts something, he does not just let it go so whoever adopts Glen needs to be aware of this.

Glen is very friendly and seems to love all people. He is not reactive to new dogs, but, as previously stated, he will not ignore another dog's reactivity. This, too, can be worked with by not putting him in those situations by increasing distance, and rewarding him for focusing on you.

Glen's new family must be patient and he must be treated much like the puppy he is with regular outing to potty, etc. He is a lovely, lovely boy who is waiting for the right family to give him the great home he deserves.

Glen is being fostered in eastern upstate NY.


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