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Gracie ~ NEW VIDEO





UPDATE: Gracie loves water!

Gracie is a super friendly dog. She LOVES people and always wants to be around them. She thinks she is lap dog and always wants her tummy rubbed. She enjoys playing fetch, tugging, and learning new tricks. She has easily adjusted to life in her foster home and is a pleasure to be around.


If you're looking for an active dog then Gracie could be the dog for you!

Don't let her age or some gray hair on her face fool you, Gracie is an active, high energy border collie. She needs an experienced home who understands border collies. Gracie is a typical border collie. She is toy obsessed (frisbees are her favorite) constantly busy, and quirky. She learns quickly and needs a lot of exercise and stimulation, both physical and mental.

Gracie has some basic training and walks perfectly on leash without pulling. She can be reactive on leash when she sees other dogs or small animals so she needs a rural or suburban environment. She runs fast and jumps high so a solid fence is required. A 5-foot or higher privacy fence (fence you cannot see through) is strongly preferred, but not required depending on the home. Gracie can jump/climb a 6-foot chainlink fence and can dig under fences so constant supervision is necessary for Gracie whenever she is outside.

Gracie has a history of fly snapping, an obsessive compulsive behavior that has led her to fixate on, snap at, and jump at lights and imaginary things above her. This is, unfortunately, a common behavior found in border collies. Gracie has been on two tablets of Prozac for a year now and is doing well. Her fly snapping is well managed with it. Prozac is an inexpensive medication and Gracie loves taking it every morning with peanut butter.

Gracie tends to ignore other dogs when not on leash. She is too busy with her toys to interact with them. She will guard her toys and space from other dogs.

Gracie would make an excellent agility, frisbee, or flyball dog. She needs a lot of training and activities to keep her stimulated. She would also make a great hiking or running dog. She is a super friendly dog who loves everyone she meets.

If you're up for the challenge (and fun) of living with Gracie, please submit an adoption application!

Gracie is being fostered on Long Island, NY.


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