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Hannah ~ ADOPTED


Hi there! Ugh, let me catch my breath ... fetching frisbees is hard work, you know. Okay. Here I am. My name is Hannah and it just happened that I became homeless recently. I lived in one home since I was a teeny tiny pup so it came as quite the shock to me, let me tell you. Anyhow, they say I am sweet and funny and snuggly and bossy and at times nervous too. Being all of that at the same time keeps me fairly busy on daily basis! Personally, I think I am mostly sweet because why else would my foster mom and dad keep covering me with kisses all the time?

Anyways, if you have a spot on your couch and have enough time for some frisbee action, I may want to come live with you. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I just lovelovelovelove my people. I snuggle with them and I play with them and I come flying when they call me. My sweet personality may not come out right away, but as long as you have a Frisbee in hand, I am game. Then my sweetness really bubbles up once I get to know you better.

Now, let me get to the important stuff. I have these... um.... curves they call 'em, so I get tired easily. But even when I am at my ideal weight, I won't be one of those hyper crazy border collies. Instead, I heard my foster mom say that I would make a great 'active companion' for someone.

I did not get along with the little toddlers in my previous home, and I guard some of my toys from people while I am getting to know them, so I would really like a home with no little people.

What I would like, however, are long off leash walks through the woods, some frisbee action, sleeping by your feet as you watch TV or read a book, and most of all, I would love to spend my days watching YOU and everything YOU do!

Do you have other dogs? If so, we need to talk. You see, people are good cause they throw frisbees and they snuggle. Dogs don't throw frisbees and as far as I am concerned, dog to dog snuggling is SO overrated. That said, I am good with most dogs once I get used to them and I am even ok with many strange dogs... as long as they follow my rules. They don't call me 'HannahBananaTheQueenOfTheUniverse' for nothing! Albert, my foster brother, says I am making lots of progress with the dog stuff. So if your dog is not pushy and can respect my royal highness, I am in.

Oh, and by the way, I am smart too. I already know 'sit' and 'lay down' and 'drop it' and 'stay' (if you say it the right way. It has to be 'staaaaaaaay', not just the average 'stay'). I am ambitious and would like to learn more, and therefore attending a positive reinforcement training class of your choice is a condition for my adoption.

Hannah is a little over 50 lbs and is being fostered in upstate NY.

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