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Harley ~ ADOPTED


An update... from Harley!

Remember me... Harley??
Well I'm still here and having a great time.

Last week my foster mom and dad were out in the yard and they left the door open to the barn where I was hanging out after breakfast. I think it was a test. I didn't go anywhere, I didn't make a mess, I didn't get into anything, and I didn't hurt the bunnies.

I LOVE bunnies.

Last week they also let me run loose around the yard, but I went right up on the deck. My foster mom was there and her lap was empty!

I LOVE laps.

I love the deck too. I have learned to sit on the deck with mom and dad and hang out for a long time. They say I'm a "good girl!"

I'm getting better with the thunder storms. They happen every day so maybe that's the reason. I just sit in the kiddie pool and feel better. Is that OK?

I have gotten real good with those chickens. I watch them, but I don't run around the chicken yard as much as I did in the past. They're pretty tempting though...

They said I had to report on my "social skills" What are they? I'm not sure, but I know that now I only bark when someone is walking by - and then only for a couple of barks. They say that's alright.

I come to my name when I am loose in the yard - most of the time. :-)

Show me the leash for a walk and I will do ANYthing! Dad and I go for walks every day. I sit nicely waiting for him to get ready. Then I jump up on the bench so he can attach the leash before the walk. I jump back on the bench after the walk so he can take the leash off. Dad likes that!!

I guess that's all for now from me... Harley. Still waiting for my "forever home" to find me. Until then I'll just go hang out with the bunnies.


Don't let her age fool you! Eight is far from "old" for a border collie (whose average life span is 15+), and this charming, adorable girl still have plenty of life and love to give!

Harley is a very lovey girl with people and requires her morning hugs and kisses before breakfast. She can be somewhat fearful of strange men, however once she warms up to you she is all about the attention!

That being said, Harley is both pretty and polite. She loves attention, but isn't pushy about asking for it. She doesn't generally jump on people (although loves to gently come up for hugs and kisses) and knows some basic commands - come, sit, down, stay.

Harley doesn't love being left alone (hey, who does?) and will sometimes bark for attention. This has gotten better as she's settled into her foster home and she's realized that barking doesn't get her anything, but her new home will need to be patient with her until she's adjusted to her new surroundings and provide her with enough attention, exercise and things "to do" to help her settle when they can't be around.

Now that Harley has settled in, the only barking she really does is very brief and just to alert her family to passing cars/peopleƒ and squirrels. :-)

Harley is very much a "Queen B" sort of border collie - preferring to the worshipped by her people than sharing the attention with other dogs. She has lived with other dogs in the past, but has clearly shown that she needs to be the boss, and is willing to back that up. For this reason we are placing her as an only dog.

Harley can sometimes be obnoxious meeting strange dogs, especially when she is stressed. However once she is comfortable in her surroundings, and with some consistent positive reinforcement for good behavior (she is VERY food motivated!) we believe Harley can learn to be polite when meeting strang dogs, but this is going to take some work and management, especially at first.

Harley is very curious of cats, but will do fine with dog savvy cats. Because of her prey drive and interest in small critters (i.e., squirrelsƒ) we would prefer a fenced yard for Harley. If not a fence, at least a home where people will always supervise her when she is outside. Remember, even dogs with a previously rock solid "come" need some time to adjust in a new environment they will come reliably! And never underestimate the power of squirrels! :-)

Harley is very curious indoors, but appears to have good house manners and will let you know when she needs to go out. She has been known to guard her most favorite possessions (rawhide/bones) but doesn't seem to have any issues with her toys or food. For this reason we are looking for an adult only home for her with people that are experienced enough to handle her safely around the good stuff.

Harley possesses one BC quirk that isn't unusual, but can be a challenge to manage - shadow chasing. While some people may think it's funny or cute, or a good way to "exercise" their Border Collie, shadow chasing is very detrimental to a typical BC, and the behavior should never be encouraged.

Harley's shadow chasing tends to be worse in stressful situations - being somewhere new and unfamiliar, around new people, etc. She can be redirected from this, and her foster parents have taught her a "no shadow" command that helps.

Obviously the shadow chasing is a bigger issue in a location where there are lots of shadows, and it sounds strange, but we know that Harley will not do well in a house where there is not a lot of regular, even lighting, and this is a serious consideration in the choice of her forever home.

We have learned that Harley is a dog that is very stressed by upheaval in her life, and her "quirks" really come to the surface under those circumstances. In the first few weeks in her new home, her family will need to be very patient with her and willing/able to manage these quirks. She will need plenty of quiet time to settle in and be comfortable in her surroundings before launching into her new family's routine; meeting new people and other dogs; venturing out into the world. We can't stress enough how important these first few weeks will be to the success of Harley's adoption, and we would be happy to give her new family plenty of information and tips on the best way to proceed with her in these first few weeks to ensure a "happily ever after" for all involved. Everyone in rescue that has met Harley and seen her sweet, devoted side agrees that all the initial work will be WELL worth it in the end!

Harley has done very well during her recent vet visits. She charmed the staff who commented on what a good girl she was!

Harley walks very nicely on a leash. Being a more mature girl, she doesn't require as much exercise as the young whippersnappers do, but she does enjoy her daily "walkies."

Harley is being fostered in central New Hampshire.

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