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Henry is a big, happy-go-lucky boy at 8 months - already close to 48lbs! He's a traditional-looking black + white gentleman (ok, goofball!) with drop ears and medium rough coat. He is a lovely pup who simply needs some exposure and guidance.

Henry is LOADED with personality. He's ultra friendly and takes direction very well. Henry came into rescue with no obedience, but is quickly learning the basics and picking up cues from his foster siblings. He also has not been exposed to much outside of his previous home environment. However, though new sights/noises make him nervous, he will come to you when he IS nervous. He will need a family who is committed to introducing him to new things at his own pace. Remember, he is still a puppy and may still be subject to a fear period or two!

Henry likes to chase ball/frisbee/tug toy and is learning to fetch and tug. He mostly likes to watch his foster brother chase and jump for the frisbee, but will help to bring the frisbee closer (i.e. pounce on it) when he can. When you throw a ball/frisbee at close range, Henry actually tries to catch it with both his mouth AND his paws!

His previous owners note that Henry guards his food, so we have been feeding him away from his foster siblings. We are also seeing tendencies of crate guarding (perhaps because he is fed in his crate) towards his foster siblings - a quick bark-lunge - when a cat or dog walks by or in ´his' crate.

Henry loves to lean his head on you for skritches. He also settles very well in the house, either lying by your feet or finding a toy to toss to himself.

Henry is crate trained and housebroken, which for an 8 month old, is quite impressive! He has had very limited experience riding in cars, but has ridden fairly well in crate on his journeys across New England.

Henry lives with a few cats in his foster home, and will chase them if they run from him (a game to our cats!). He will stare obsessively if given the opportunity, but can usually be re-directed with a toy or chew.

We think once he is fully grown, Henry could be an excellent agility prospect. He is just now learning to be aware of where his feet are, and his goofy gait is starting to turn into a nice fluid stride.

Henry is reportedly good with kids under 10, but we haven't witnessed this first hand. We have no idea how he would be with children under 5.

Henry will be required to attend obedience class upon adoption, as he does need additional exposure/socialization.


Henry is being fostered in eastern Massachusetts.

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