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Higgins story;
It is short but far from sweet. He was brought into rescue after his owner a 90+ year old lady was admitted to a nursing home. One big problem three dogs were left behind. In some kind of mix up the dogs were left for two weeks to fend for themselves. Higgins was the only survivor.

Upon an exam of his mouth they found a small tumor on his front jaw. The tumor has been removed and found to be benign. He only has a small scar and a missing tooth or two to show for it. This was the first time he had ever seen a vet. It is sad in living with this elderly lady in frail health Higgins wasn't housetrained and didn't even know his own name. So needless to say we've had alot to work on. He has led a pretty sheltered life til now.

Higgins has thus far learned to come when called, sit, down: he readily goes into his crate when asked. He is now housetrained not even needing to be crated for the overnight hours.

When meeting new people he understands that he needs to sit politely to be greeted.

He was a little nervous about riding in a car but settles quickly and improves each time he goes for a ride.

He gets along well with other dogs although can be protective of his toys.

He now walks so well on a leash he can be held with only one finger!!

I have introduced him to children 10+ and he just sits for pats.

I must say he is the best cat herder I have had! Very intense concentration; follows closely and cuts them off at the pass. He can be called off the cat and has not even tried as much as a nip. Once I caught him creeping up on my sleeping cat, poked it with his nose, stepped back then waited to see if he could get a reaction. Nope the cat just went back to sleep.

Higgins has a couple of quirks of course, what Border Collie doesn't? It seems riding lawn mowers are a bit to exciting for the boy; he gives chase biting at the tires. Bicycles and kids scooters no reaction so it could be worst. Secondly when over stimulated (like when I'm mowing the lawn) he picks up things to carry around. Most of the time this is not a problem but one thing he always knows he can find is his water dish. So he will from time to time pick it up and carry it around spilling water on the floor. I have been working very hard "to curb" this behavior. I try to keep something else handy for him and bought a rack for the water dishes seems to be working.

Higgins I would consider low/moderate energy; though he loves a good romp. What he loves most is his person; he will lean into you for some loving. He has the most adorable face with big sad eyes. I know this sounds corny but he seems to search each face he meets as if asking are you the one, the one that will take me home and love me. He truly has a sweet gentle soul. So if your interested in having Higgins check you out for his new home please contact us.

Higgins is being fostered in ME.

P.S. Higgins included some photos; he's a handsome tri colored boy with a shining personality.

NOTE: a positive-reinforcement training class is required with this adoption.

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