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Isabel ~ ADOPTED



Isabel or Izzy is an approximately 1 year old female, 30 pound, black and white border collie. It is believed that she was purchased from a breeder, but she eventually ended up in a shelter as she was picked up as a stray one too many times. Despite her misfortunes, Izzy is a loving, snuggly dog who loves to be with her people. She gets along well with other dogs and with dog savvy cats.

Izzy would love nothing more than a home with children and other dogs. In fact if they leave the room and leave Izzy behind, she whines to be included. While she is a bit exuberant in play (like any young Border Collie), she seems to know how to tone it down around younger children. To ensure appropriate and safe play, ALL interactions with kids should be supervised.

Izzy also likes squeaky toys (in the house) and playing with a soccer ball outside. She also LOVES to play tug, particularly with her own leash. Izzy likes to play "chase" around the house with the other two dogs who live there.

Izzy does not mind baths. She stands perfectly still while you bathe her. Izzy does not like vacuum cleaners. She tries to get as far away as possible.

Izzy also does not like to be crated. She does not chew on anything except her squeaky toys, but she does like to rearrange shoes and mittens.

Izzy is learning that it's more fun to stay home than to wander. While a fenced home is preferred, it will depend on the environment and the adopter's level of commitment. Izzy's new home MUST be committed to giving her time to bond and the recall training she needs. In the meantime, she MUST be leashed and supervised whenever she is outside in an unfenced area.

Izzy will need a basic training class with her adopters as her foster home has started some training with her, but it will need to be reinforced. Izzy pulls hard on the leash although the foster home has had luck with both a gentle leader and an easy walk harness.

Izzy is housetrained and up to date on shots. She has an appointment to be spayed in mid-December, but if her perfect home comes along before then, a spay deposit and getting her spayed ASAP will be a requirement of her adoption. She will also be microchipped when she is spayed.

Isabel has just come out of heat and blew her coat while in the shelter. We believe she will have a longer coat as it grows back in.

Izzy is being fostered in central New Hampshire.

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