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Hi, my name is Ivy, and if you think my name is familiar, you are right. I am the mother of the 8 puppies from "the border collie garden". I am spayed now, and ready to be adopted into my own forever home just like my pups!

I love every adult I meet, in fact, my very favorite thing in the world is petting and attention. I just can't get enough. I enjoy quiet times on the couch, just chilling with my people. If you give me belly rubs daily, I will love you forever!

I am afraid of small children, but they tell me that some dogs just are when they haven't been around little ones. When I get scared, I bark, and that scares kids. So, I should not go to a home where children live. I am not so afraid of teenagers, and enjoy petting and belly rubs from them.

I think cats are slightly interesting to watch, but not really worthy of my attention. There are cats in my foster home but I have never chased one. I mostly have more interesting things to think about, like chasing balls. I don't really see a reason to bring one back to you after you throw it, but chasing it is fun.

I like treats and am learning to sit, down, come, and some other things to get treats. I like to go for walks, especially in the woods! There are so many cool smells there. Foster mom thinks I do very well wearing an easy walk harness, and am much more calm than with a regular collar. After all, I am only 3-1/2 years old, and still have a lot to learn! They say I am smart, and learn fast.

I stay in my crate at night and go in there often just because I like to have my own special place. I weigh about 40 pounds, I am up to date on vaccinations, and am microchipped.

In terms of other dogs, I can do ok with males and calm females for the most part, but fast moving dogs and pushy females really aren't for me. I try and control them, and we end up fighting. That's no fun for anyone involved.

In terms of seeing dogs out and about when I'm with my people... well, sometimes I try and get them to go away by barking and carrying on. I'm told that's called "being reactive." That's something my new person will hopefully want to work on me with. There are lots of fun ways to work on this, involving patience and distance and best of all, COOKIES!

I'm told my ideal home will be one that is looking for a drivey young border collie, who will want to put the time in working with me to teach me fun and clever things, and really let me use my brain and my incredible athleticism. I'm pretty amazing and agile - I would excel at pretty much anything you would like, as long as you have the time to work with me and teach me! And when we are not learning together, we can be snuggling on the couch!!

Agreeing to attend an approved positive reinforcement based training class with me is a requirement of my adoption.

Ivy is being fostered in upstate NY.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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