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JC is a 3 year old neutered rough coat border collie who is surprisingly mellow for such a young boy! He is super affectionate and likes nothing better to cuddle and to have his belly rubbed.

JC is fine with cats and other dogs although he does engage in some posturing with other male dogs.

JC is not fine with children. Frankly, they petrify him and even with work, he is nervous in their presence. (see below for updates) JC is initially nervous with younger men as well, but with work he overcomes his fear.

JC weighs 50 lbs, but needs to lose a few more pounds. His ideal weight will be about 42 pounds. JC's activity level may increase as his weight decreases. He settles nicely in the house.

JC is very curious and likes to stick his nose in everything and will also put his paws up on counters to see what is going on.

JC is crate trained, but he prefers to be in an ex-pen in the house. He is not destructive in the house, but he will chew a leash if one is left on him. He loves to ride in the car. He is good about being bathed and having his nails trimmed.

JC does not play with balls or frisbies although he finds toys with parts you can pull out interesting. He walks well on a leash and loves to go for walks and is learning basic commands. He takes treats very gently.

UPDATE - J.C.'s recall isn't rock solid, however a fence is not required as long as his adopters are committed to keeping him on a leash until further training is undertaken.

J.C. has made friends with the two girls who live next door who are 5 and 12, but boys still make him nervous. He reacts to their presence by retreating to his ex-pen. He is getting over this fear, but it will require work on the part of his adopters if the adopters are visited frequently by children.

Enrollment in a positive reinforcement training class will be required of his adopters.

JC is being fostered in central NH.

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