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Jace is a Border Collie/Coonhound mix. He is everything you would expect a crazy hound/BC puppy to be. He loves to run, gallop, actually; he loves to chase, big dogs, little dogs, any dogs. He loves playing with other dogs -- big and small, male and female.

He likes to learn and learns quickly unless he decides to pretend he doesn't hear you. He came into foster care with no manners, but is in the process of learning. Countertops? yup, he'll surf them if given the chance. Recall?, only if he thinks food is involved. Housebroken? well, mostly.

He is timid around strangers and most men, but he has shown some progress with patience and positive reinforcement. When he was seized, he and his 6 brothers had had no socialization, so his progress is actually remarkable. He will bond quickly to a trusted person, but has had negative experiences with a man in the past, so he is not very willing to trust men quickly. Not perfect yet, but he is trying.

Check out Jace in action...

He wants desperately to trust and he loves snuggling with his favorite person. He is a fearful dog, so he is a flight risk. His forever family must have a hard fence (no electric/invisible fence will be considered).

Are you up to the challenge of raising a goofy BC/hound puppy boy? If so, please put in your application.

Jace is being fostered in Maine.


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