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Jack is an adorable and sweet young boy! He will turn one year old on February 28th. Jack is an active young guy who loves his frisbee and just about anything he can drop at your feet if a frisbee is not readily available - ball, stuffed animal, empty water bottle, etc., etc., etc.! Jack is black and white with an adorable split face and drop ears.

His coat is medium length and silky - rather than long and "fluffy" and yet not quite a typical "smooth" coat. Very wash and wear - if you've ever played outdoors during a spring thaw, you know what that can mean:)

Jack is very tuned into his humans and is willing to learn just about anything. He has been introduced to clicker training and seems to enjoy it quite a bit. A positive reinforcement obedience or agility class is a requirement of his adoption. Training together will give Jack and his new family a great start in bonding at the start of their new life together.

Jack is hesitant to meet new people. The best thing to do when a new person appears is to have them totally ignore Jack until he feels comfortable enough with their presence to go to them. Then a treat can be offered or dropped near him or even a toy. He has been meeting lots of new people and dogs in his foster home and at the agility classes he frequents to get some "stranger" experience.

Each week Jack is making progress and he is beginning to realize that the "strangers" aren't much different than the people he knows. Once placed in a new home however, we will expect some "setback" in this progress as he will again have to form a bond with a new family in order to feel "safe" amongst "strangers." This will take time and I am going to look for a home who will not push him past his limits of comfort with strangers.

If you are looking for an active young border collie to be active with, Jack may be the boy for you. I have a feeling he would love being a disc dog or agility dog.

Jack is being fostered in upstate NY.

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