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I am Jack! I am a purebred 6 year old border collie who was born and raised in Maine. You know, moose and lobsters and snow...

I am a big boy, but my foster family is trying to help me to trim down and build my endurance. I have border collie foster brothers and sisters. We play ball and chase each other.

Sometimes I like to chase those big noisy things that ride down the street; I think they are cars. I am in a fenced in yard so it is not dangerous...but if I were not in a fenced yard and I saw cars I get get overexcited and might get hurt. So my foster mom says I need a fenced yard. Foster dad is helping to teach me to not get so excited, so he can call me off of running the fence is I get too excited. I am getting less and less excited about cars, but I still have a long way to go.

When I was a little guy, the farm where I was raised had a bad fire, and I heard a lot of scary sounds during that fire. So I am still sensitive to unexpected sounds and motions. I startle sometimes and get afraid, so I really shouldn't be around living with kids.

I LOVE to play soccer and tennis balls. Whenever my foster brother or sisters get a ball, we chase and chase. And foster dad sometimes plays tug with me with the soccer ball. He is pretty silly.

I like being outside...to play...to rest under the apple trees...to watch the sheep...to be me!

See Jack in action below...

Jack will need a fenced yard and will not be adopted to a family with small children.

Jack is being fostered in Maine.

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