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Jack is a two-year-old, sixty-pound Border Collie mix with a shiny smooth coat, long legs, and a partially blue left eye.

Handsome as can be, Jack also happens to be very strong and is quite the master of escape. Move over, Houdini, there’s a new dog in town! Consequently, the perfect home for Jack would need a sturdy fence or a strong commitment to meet his exercise requirements in a secured area.

Jack has manageable separation anxiety which is improving daily in his foster home. A home where his people are often present and can commit to working with him is ideal. We have found that he prefers a safe room or area over the confinement of a crate when we do leave home.

Jack enjoys the company of people to other dogs. When he does attempt to play with his canine foster brothers and sisters he tends to get too rough, too quickly, and therefore a home where he is the one and only dog would be preferable. Due to his size and occasional demonstrations of resource guarding, Jack will not be placed in a home with children or small animals.

Now let me tell you about Jack's amazing abilities and wonderful Border Collie traits! Jack is a lover who bonds very quickly with anyone willing to give him a belly scratch. Perfectly content to just lie on the floor while his person works away on the computer or watches television, Jack is the ultimate furry home companion. He really loves to snuggle, too!

Jack has already successfully completed basic training and knows sit, down, stay, leave it, come, shake both paws and go to bed. He needs a little more practice on a leash, but is an excellent student.

Jack is housebroken and does his business on command (which comes in handy on these cold New England winter nights!) He is incredibly smart and very eager to learn! He barks very appropriately when someone is outside, but is good about greeting strangers and settling down once they are inside. Jack aims to please, and with the right guidance, will be a wonderful addition to a very lucky family.

Check out Jack in action...

Jack is currently being fostered in New Hampshire.

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