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Jack has completed the heartworm treatment and is ready to find his forever home. Since he has been in rescue just over a year now I have gotten to know him even better and have made a few updates to his restrictions.

First, while I prefer Jack to have a home that has a fenced yard it is not an absolute requirement. As long as his adopter is dedicated to not letting him off lead until he is more confident and solid in his recall which will take time and even then, he should be carefully watched and in a safe area. In the meantime, you must have an interim plan such as taking him out on lead or a tie out for potty breaks.

Also, while I still feel strongly that Jack's ideal home would be one without children he could live in a home that is occasionally visited by kids. He is fine greeting and being petted by children but when there is chaotic, exciting-noisy-play, he goes into "control" mode and will nip the closest dog or person. So as long as his adopter is diligent about watching Jack around kids and has a place for Jack to hang out so he doesn't get overstimulated by any excitement that might send him in a state of frenzy he would be fine in a home visited by children.

Jack is a handsome 7 year old male Border Collie. Not much is known about his past other than he was taken in by a southern rescue as a stray and then adopted by someone in New England. He ended up back in rescue through no fault of his own; he just wasn't what the adopter was looking for.

Jack is a very sweet, soft, gentle boy. He wants nothing more than to please his person and be in their presence. He is not clingy by any means but does like to hang out in the same room.

Jack is cautious when meeting new people and going new places but makes a brave effort. He will need someone that can be very patient with him as he is unsure of "new" things and sometimes will just flatten himself or want to retreat to a safe place, like his crate or favorite chair.

Jack gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home and is eager to greet new dogs. He has not played with any of them but enjoys being a part of the group. He would do best with easy going dogs or as an only dog as he can get overstimulated by high energy - chaotic play.

Jack hasn't showed any interest in toys but does enjoy a good antler or nylabone to chew on. He walks well on leash and really loves going for walks, especially in the woods. He does not have a good recall and is more than likely a dog that should never be off leash because of his personality and his strong interest in squirrels.

According to his previous home, Jack was constantly chasing the cat and for that reason he will not be placed in a home with cats or other small animals.

Jack is a "special needs" dog because he has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency or EPI. EPI is a digestive disorder which impacts a dog's ability to produce pancreatic enzyme needed to digest their food. The treatment for EPI is a pancreatic enzyme powder sprinkled on their food. Dogs with EPI can continue to live a full life and do all the activities as any other dog but Jack will need to be on the powder the rest of his life. Jack came into rescue underweight at 36lbs but is slowly gaining since we started the enzyme powder. He is now up to 40lbs but still has a few more to go before he is at his ideal weight.

Jack would do best in a quiet home with someone that is understanding and can give him the patience he needs to blossom.

Jack is currently being fostered in Connecticut.


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