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Jack (formerly Jake) ~ ADOPTED


Jack is a sweet, mellow (for a Border Collie) 6 year old male. That's not to say he doesn't need daily activity but he is happy to do just about anything as long as he is with his person. He enjoys going on walks and hanging out with you while you do yard work. He will vocalize (moaning and occasional howling) his disapproval and pace a bit when he can't follow you but does settle down and will wait patiently and eagerly for your return.

Jack is good with other dogs, "speaks dog" well, and doesn't show any aggression at all towards other dogs. However he is very needy of attention, and if you are giving attention to another dog, he'll muscle his way in. Some other dogs find this very annoying, and for that reason, Jack may do best as an only dog.

He has lived with two cats and is okay with them. He does not have a strong interest in toys but loves to chew on nylabones and bullysticks. Jack can be a bit mouthy when he gets excited which is easily deterred with a verbal "ouch" or "eh eh" but because of this, he will not be placed in a home with young children.

Jack walks ok on leash, but will pull hard if something excites/interests him. He is doing well learning basic commands. His foster home has introduced him to clicker training and he is catching on quickly and loves to learn new things because he just loves the attention. He has a soft temperament and would benefit from continued positive training.

Jack came into rescue very overweight. He still has a few pounds to lose, but with proper diet and exercise that should not be difficult.

Jack would make a great companion for a retired couple or an older person who is home a lot and willing to dote on him.

Jack is being fostered in Massachusetts.

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