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Jessie ~ ADOPTED



I told you when I grew back my hair I would be the most handsomest retired goose dog around and you can see by my latest picture just how handsome I am! You can also see how slim and trim I am now. I was 71 pounds when I left Long Island in February. I am now about 50 pounds. Now that I have taken off all that extra weight, I feel better and get around much better than I did when I first arrived. In fact, I can now jump up on the sofa to hang out. I like to trot around and check things out when I am outside and come running when my foster mom calls me. I am no longer on any medications either, just a supplement to keep my joints healthy.

I spent my life as a goose dog chasing away the geese from the parks, and when I arrived at my foster home, I worked very hard at trying to chase away the little geese (okay ducks). But I understand now that they "belong" there and I can be loose in the back yard with them and I don't pay any attention to them.

The latest and greatest thing here is my foster mom brought home some new friends and I just LOVE them! You can see them in the picture with me, the two white things they call sheep. I am so excited because my foster mom let me work them. She must have been happy with what I did, because she told me I was a good boy and gave me lots of pats and a good belly rub when I was done!

As much as I love working, I am also very happy to lay down in the living room and rest while my foster mom watches TV or reads. I will follow her to the kitchen and lay down patiently while she cooks or fixes my food too. My foster mom's grandkids came to visit, and that was fun because they gave me lots of petting and belly rubs and told me what a nice boy I was.

I just turned 11 years old in May, but don't let that scare you. I still have some good years left and as they say . . . you're only as old as you feel . . . and I am feeling pretty darn good!!! I promise you if you adopt me, you will not be sorry for even one minute. I will be so loyal and your best friend through thick and thin.

Hi, my name is Jessie. I was a goose dog. No, silly, I'm not a GOOSE. I'm a DOG! I spent my life working as a goose dog at a park on Long Island. You see, geese make an awful mess at parks, golf courses and such. So to keep the parks sparkly clean, they got me to chase the geese away. They decided to retire me, so a nice lady picked me up and got me brought to upstate New York. Boy, it's sure a lot colder in upstate New York than it was on Long Island (brrrr). When I got to my foster mom's house though, I was fine. I voluntarily jumped right out of her van, walked around a bit and then followed her inside the house like I had lived there all my life.

Life here is pretty good. I have 4 foster sisters and 1 foster brother. They are all nice, well except the little squirt. She thinks her stuff don't stink (if you know what I mean). But that's her problem, not mine. I get along with all my foster siblings. They look a little strange though because they don't have tails. My foster mom said they are Aussies and they aren't supposed to have tails. I'm a Border Collie, I think all dogs should have tails!

The other fun thing about living here is that there are 16 small geese outside in a pen. My foster mom calls them ducks. I try hard every day to chase them away for her, but they won't leave. But that's okay, I'll keep trying to get rid of them for her. I'm starting to get some muscles built up from working at trying to get those darn ducks to fly away. I don't get it. All the geese at the park on Long Island flew away when I chased them.

I love kids, because there were a lot of kids at the park where I used to live and they fed me lots of treats. But I am older now and have some arthritis, so it's probably best if I find a home with older children. I am very well behaved in the house and just enjoy being in the same room as my foster mom.


The other good thing about this place is the food! It's like a 5-star restaurant here. My foster mom feeds me fresh raw food. The only problem is that I wish she served bigger portions. You see they let me eat as much as I wanted when I lived in Long Island. My foster mom says that was a bad thing, because I weighed 71 pounds! She tells me "Sorry, Jessie, but you're in boot camp now and some day you will thank me". We'll just have to wait and see about that. I just went to my latest appointment with the vet and I now weigh 57.8 pounds! Both my foster mom and the vet were very excited about that.

When I first got here, it was hard for me to get up and down the stairs and get up off the floor after I laid down. I even had a hard time turning around in the hallway without falling down. Now I go up and down the back stairs (well, okay there are only 3 of them) with no problem and can get up from the floor without help. And I can handle those hallways now with no problem. Also, this food makes my hair very soft and shiny. They shaved all my hair off at the park. But it's growing back in and soon I will be the most handsomest retired goose dog around!

Even though I am a more mature male, I still have some good years left in me! My foster mom tells me I am just the sweetest boy. I love everyone. If you can open you home and heart to me, you won't regret it for one second!

Jessie is being fostered in southern Maine.

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