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Jessie ~ UPDATE



What a difference a few weeks makes!

After spending quite a bit of time stalking the cats in her foster home, Jessie and the cats have reached an agreement. From her foster parents...

"(Jessie and the cat) have made friends, and the cat sits in the chair and talks to Jessie for minutes on end, and now they have even been caught 'Kissing' ...Well it's almost Valentine's Day, so kissing is allowed." ;)

Jessie would probably still be over-stimulated in a home with cats that liked to race around and taunt her, but it seems that if given enough time and supervision, with dog savvy cats that aren't super zoomie... Jessie can indeed live with cats!

Jessie is a delightful, little border collie who uses her petite size (less than 30 lbs) to her advantage when masquerading as a lap dog! Lucky for Jessie not only her size make you want to share your seat with her. She's a snuggly girl that falls hard for her people and loves to be with them as much as she can.

Jessie loves her people SO much in fact, that she has found a unique way of showing them by actually SMILING! Admittedly it's a bit unnerving at first to see a dog showing your their pearly whites, but once you realize that's Jessie's way of saying "howdy - I like you!" it becomes yet another part of her overall charm.

Jessie loves her toys and will lay on the floor and play by herself for ages if there's no one to engage her. This is not only adorable, but quite entertaining! However Jessie much prefers having a playmate - any human will do nicely, but we believe Jessie would also enjoy a playful canine sibling as well.

And it's important to note that Jessie is still a very young border collie, and when we say she likes to "play" SHE REALLY LIKES TO PLAY. ALL DAY! While she does settle nicely in the house at times, Jessie is not a couch potato and will need an active home to keep up with her playful ways.

Jessie has done a very nice job of respecting the space of her foster sister - an older, "bossy" sort of border collie gal, who lets all dogs in her kingdom know pretty quickly who's in charge. Jessie has been extremely appropriate with her and backs of easily when given the signal. She has not challenged her for food or toys and seems content to share.

Jessie has met some wildlife in her stay in rescue - mostly the resident squirrel population and her foster family's chickens. Both were met with practically a "yawn" as Jessie acknowledged their presence, but that was about it.

She's definitely a bit more enthused about the cats in her foster home though! She doesn't seem intent on harming them, and the dog savvy cats have not showed any fear of being near Jessie (a good sign!) but Jessie is a bit too interested in using the cats as play things than we'd like to see. As a result, a cat-free home will likely be best for her (and the cats of the world :) --SEE UPDATE ABOVE

Jessie gets very excited when she sees kids - practically wriggling herself inside out. However we have no history of her with young children and prefer to err on the side of caution by not placing her with kids younger than 8.

Jessie walks very nicely on a leash and has good house manners. However because Jessie is still a young dog and has been bounced around a bit lately, an approved, positive reinforcement-based training class is a requirement of her adoption. This will help in the bonding process with her new family as well as help polish up her house manners and occupy her border collie brain in constructive ways.

And while Jessie is a good walker, as is the case with most young border collies walks alone are not going to give her all the exercise she needs to be a happy, settled companion.


Jessie has the potential to do great things and be a wonderful companion to some lucky family, and her ideal home will be a very active family with another playful dog, a fenced yard and people dedicated to training her in an "activity" such as agility, flyball, rally, etc. -even just for fun - but something that would challenge her quick mind and take full advantage of her potential.

...and give her a lap to curl up in from time to time. :)

Jessie is being fostered in Central New Hampshire.

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