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Jett is a spayed female 2 year old who was turned into the shelter for having too much energy! She does have quite a bit of energy and needs help learning to focus it. She could have been named tigger because she loves to bounce straight up and down in excitement when she sees her people.

She also bounces straight up and down at the backdoor to come inside from the yard - she REALLY doesn't like to be in the yard, even when her people are out there she still only tolerates it for a little while, and then really wants to come back inside. Her foster home is working on her being comfortable outside and she is making progress but she will need continued patience and confidence building.

She gets along GREAT with other dogs and really enjoys playing with them...she is good at pestering them until they finally give in to play. She is pretty soft in temperament, though, and sometimes gets a little upset if they tell her to buzz off. She is doing well learning to read the other dogs, though, making good progress.

She doesn't have much interest in toys, preferring petting and FOOD over toys. Her food motivation makes her very easy to train but boy does she have a hard time keeping her bum on the ground.

This little one is a work in progress, but she has the potential to be a lovely companion for the family willing to put in the work.

No children under 14 years of age due to her bouncy nature and propensity to playfully grab at pantlegs when she is excited.

She will submissively urinate at times so really needs a home that can be patient with her and hep her build her confidence.

A fenced yard is required, no invisible fences will be considered due to her soft nature.

Jett is being fostered in Connecticut.


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