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Jewel and Bain on one of their daily jaunts

Jewel ~ In Memoriam
(1993? - 2008)

Sweet Julie had been in renal failure pretty much since coming into rescue (probably before then), but had been holding her own, thanks to the amazing care her foster dad Bain gave her.

Since we knew that Julie was on borrowed time, it was decided that we would not try and rehome her yet again, and her foster dad unselfishly offered to care for Julie for whatever time she had left. As far as we were all concerned, Bain WAS Julie's Dad.

Julie clearly adored Bain, and he took her everywhere with him. She enjoyed daily walks and romps, and to see her in action you'd never have guessed her age or that she was sick. She looked as happy as any dog could be.

During a recent vet visit a bad tooth was found that was in need of extraction. Julie's condition in regards to her kidneys was stabilized enough that surgery would be possible. Sadly, once under anesthesia, the doctor found that it was not a simple case of a rotten tooth, but in fact a tumor. Phone calls were made, and sweet and beloved Julie was allowed to leave this world, once again pain free.

Julie leaves behind a lot of heartbroken people, some of whom have never even met her, but first and foremost her foster dad Bain. The nature of rescue is that your foster dogs aren't with you for long, but some find their way into your heart very quickly and never leave.

NEBCR is eternally grateful for the love and care that Bain showed Julie in the short time she was with him. We are all happy that her last months on earth were with someone that cared for her so well and gave her such a wonderful life in that short time.

Godspeed sweet Julie...

Jewel's case illustrates the need NEBCR, Inc. has for geriatric foster homes and in some cases, hospice care where the only thing we can provide is care and comfort for a dog's final days. If you can open your heart and home to help with hospice care for dogs like Jewel, please contact us.


Jewel's original bio...

Sweet Jewel, or Julie as her foster mom calls her, is a delightful senior border collie looking for a loving retirement home. Jewel has not had an easy life - she was found as a pup in a dumpster! She was relinquished to rescue by her family as a last resort in order to receive the care she needed that they were sadly unable to provide her with.

Differing memories leave a question regarding her age, one family member remembering her found 14 years ago, and another remembering her as found 18 years ago. Either way, Jewel is a senior gal with some special needs, but her wonderful personality makes her more than worth any extra effort. She is playful and bouncy so we suspect she is closer to 14 but only Jewel knows for sure, and she's not telling!

Julie came to us in dire need of a dental - she had teeth that were rotting and loose, and one which was barely attached. Her teeth have been taken care of, the rotten teeth removed and the remaining teeth cleaned.

The vet reports the remaining teeth are in good shape and doesn't have an explanation for why some were so rotten. Julie is already feeling so much better after having had her teeth taken care of.

Bloodwork has shown that sweet Jewel has Early Renal Insufficiency. This is the beginning stage of Chronic Renal Failure. Jewel will need special supplements for now, and as the condition progresses, she may need special diet preparations and additional medications. For a wonderful resource on the condition and care requirements, please visit and read through the information at

Julie's adopter must be committed to going the extra mile for her to care for her special needs. She deserves nothing less.


Julie also has some arthritis pain in her spine, although this does not seem too severe. She takes tramadol for pain on an as needed basis. She cannot have NSAIDs due to her kidney disease.

Jewel gets along just fine with other dogs, cats and people of all ages.

She seems to love everyone and loves to lay close to her person. She came from a home with children of various ages, although as a senior gal she should have a family who will protect her from rambunctious child play. :~)

Jewel frequently engages in play with the various dogs in her foster home. While an overbearing youngster would likely not be a good match, other dogs with good play skills would be fine.

For video of Jewel in action, go to

Jewel is negative for heartworm, lyme disease, anaplasmosis and erlichiosis (tick borne diseases). She is on heartworm preventative and has been dewormed (she came into rescue with whipworms.)

We cannot stress enough just how special this girl is. Please contact Amy (see above) if you are interested in opening your home and heart to her - you certainly will never regret it!


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