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Jiffy is a beautiful blue merle boy with a lean, lanky build. He has such long legs that his foster family nicknamed him, 'Spyder' due to his resemblance to a Daddy Long Legs spider. He is so striking looking that he attracts attention every where he goes.

He was born on April 19, 2008, which makes him just less than 1-1/2 years old. He is very happy-go-lucky and he has a very puppy-like mentality.

When Jiff came into rescue, he was very fearful of strangers and new situations. His foster family has never seen such an amazing change in a dog in such a short time. He will still, occasionally bark at a new person if he is caught off guard by their presence. Usually, he wants to approach the stranger and give them a sniff and say, "hi". He avoids being pet by quick, 'head ducks' until he is more familiar. With this being said, his foster mom is noticing that he is often starting to solicit pets and 'bum scritches' from new friends.

Always smiling and wagging his tail, Jiffy does not have a mean or serious bone in his whole body. He is one to the most affectionate dogs that his foster family has ever met. He is extremely playful and LOVES toys. He is funny to watch as he entertains himself with his own, newly invented games. But, just as with a puppy, anything and everything is a toy! (He seems partial to rolls of paper towel and toilet paper!) He is quite honestly, still a puppy in an adult body.

Jiff is extremely fast and loves to play Frisbee, ball or any other toy that can be thrown. He still has puppy-like, body awareness issues that quite frequently result in spectacular wipeouts and comical tumbles off of the couch. He also has no qualms about leaping, full speed into open laps, for cuddle time, leaving the unsuspecting, recipient of his affections, doubled over and groaning. : ) With maturity, his speed and energy level would make him an excellent dog sport prospect.

Jiffy is thrilled to meet and play with dogs of all sizes. He is very appropriate and will self-adjust his style and intensity of play based on the size of his playmate. He absolutely thrives in the presence of other dogs. He will occasionally give a half-hearted grumble when another dog comes near his food bowl as well as his crate. He will, however, defer to a dominant dog. At this time, Jiffy just seems to want friends to play with and has shown no interest in attempting to improve his position in the pack. He takes reprimands from the 'top' dogs, in stride. He give off clear calming signals and apologetically change his behavior as 'requested' He has not been observed around cats.

Jiff is an active, high energy boy that is in constant motion. He does settle nicely in the evening after a day of playing. He has been wonderful with the dog savvy children he has been exposed to. He is also very loving and outwardly affectionate towards the 11 year old boy in his foster family.

Jiff's foster mom has observed that he will occasionally become over-stimulated by other dogs in certain exciting or chaotic situations. Jiffy will react by jumping up and mouthing his person repeatedly. It is reminiscent of a puppy that lacks self control. He does, however, settle almost immediately, if his person responds with a gently but firmly with a 'settle' command and distraction methods (i.e., Asked to sit, shake hands, etc.)

This over-stimulation response can be a bit overwhelming due to is adult size. It is for this reason, as well as his lack of body awareness that he will not be placed in a home with young children. Dog savvy kids 10 and up would be best. Jiffy would also make a wonderful, playful companion to another dog or two.

Jiff walks nicely with a harness and is learning to sit for greeting. He is quiet in his crate. He will also sleep quietly next to his person's bed all night. (or on it, if invited) He is a bit hesitant to jump into the car, but does travel quietly, even for long distances. He has also traveled well in a motor home.

Jiffy needs an active and fun-loving person or family that will continue to let this awesome boy explore the world and make new friends. He is a very silly, very affectionate boy that will make you laugh every day. He is sweet, silly and has a heart of gold!

Because of Jiff's energy level and the fact that his recall is still a work in progress, a fenced yard is preferred. We will consider homes without a fence if you have a large property that is not on or near a busy street. Because of Jiff's fearful nature and soft disposition, no invisible fences will be considered.

Jiff is being fostered in western MA.

An approved, positive reinforcement-based training class is a requirement of Jiff's adoption.

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