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Meet Joe Jonas, named by the foster Mom's tween daughter after teen heart throb Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. It was intended to be the ultimate compliment to the dog's handsomeness and over all heart throb qualities. The foster Mom and her three kids have all fallen hard for heart throb Jonas, and they feel he is well worthy of his rock star status.

Jonas loves people and other dogs, but we will not place him with cats, and prefer no pocket pets, as true to his BC nature, Jonas will fixate.

If you have a clean house then it won't be for long if you add Jonas, as he hasn't met a speck of water that he doesn't love. He loves to splash,and dig around, and he doesn't care if the water is clean or predominantly mud.

We have seen Jonas' potential for OCD type behaviors and they appear to come out more when he is stressed. We feel that if he is not placed in a fitting home, with his mental and physical needs met, his fixations would turn into serious OCD.

He will fixate on cameras, hoses, running or standing water, bugs, and cats and pocket type pets, as well as lights, and shadows and the scooters, bikes and skateboards of the foster Mom's kids.

Lazer lights and flashlights should NEVER be used to entertain or exercise Jonas as they will lead to even more fixations. (This is actually true of MOST border collies!)

Jonas would make an awesome trick dog and he has lots of natural super slick above the ground moves that the right trainer could capture for Freestlye. His foster Mom wishes she could do freestyle and agility with him and we feel he would be fantastic in obedience as well. While he could make a great pet, we would love to see him out and about using his athleticism, brains and sweet charm.

Jonas really likes kids, but his history is unknown (he came into a local shelter as a stray) and we have witnessed first hand his over the top reaction to kids on scooters. Therefor we will be very cautious in placing him with kids, and only children used to living with herding dogs will be considered.

Because he was found as a stray and we don't want him to get a chance to wander off again, a HARD fence is required for Jonas. No invisible/electric fences for Jonas - he is far too soft a dog to handle the correction/shock of IF/EF fence training.

Jonas is a very sweet dog with a super soft temperament. Positive reinforcement is the only way Jonas should be handled and trained, and a class is a requirement of his adoption. He responds well to soft voices and very subtle cues. Jonas is athletic and even has a lean 40 pound rock star body.

Jonas has had a high titer for lyme and is being treated for three weeks of antibiotics, even though he has no symptoms. Also during his recent neuter, the vet said that his heart rate dipped low and he needed meds to raise it. The vet does not believe this is a murmer, just something to note for any future medical procedures that require Jonas to be under anesthesia.

Jonas is being fostered in southern Maine.

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