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Josie Jo ~ ADOPTED




"Josie Jo" came from the seizure of 60+ border collies from a breeder in upstate New York in January 2014 (more info). When she came into rescue, she was basically feral. It's taken her a very long time to gain some trust in humans. She has made huge progress but will still need a quiet home, hopefully with her family home with her a good deal of the time, to continue her rehabilitation.

Josie Jo's new family will need an abundance of patience to let Josie Jo continue to blossom in her own time. She will only be placed in a Border Collie savvy home and extra consideration would be given to a home with another dog willing to play with her. Racing, wrestling, snuggling up with another dog is sheer bliss for Josie Jo. In fact interacting with another dog gives her the confidence she is lacking with humans.

She's house trained and knows a few basic commands. Crate trained too; in fact a little too crate trained. She will still race to her crate when feeling threatened. She's more at ease outside, loving to play ball and swim.

Josie Jo will not be placed in a home with an invisible fence due to her soft nature. The same goes for children, their activity would send her into flight mode heading for her crate.

Josie Jo is a very sweet, gentle soul, still trying hard to fit into her new world. She is very quiet in the house and usually only moves about when everyone else is settled. She compensates for her down time by being the energizer bunny when out and about, demanding a good deal of exercise to be happy.

She still needs a watchful eye because she has been known to chew and ingest toys/inappropriate objects. In fact shortly after she came into rescue, she required surgery for peeling up and eating some linoleum off the floor! We believe this issue stems from her age and background.

She is what many people would refer to as a project dog but without a doubt, she shows tons of promise. If you think your family would be a good fit for Josie Jo, and you already have an approved application on file, we'd love to hear from you.

Josie is being fostered in Maine.


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