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Journey ~ ADOPTED




Hi, my name is Journey. I am approximately 1-2 years old 30 pound rough coat border collie. I am one of the 9 dogs that came from a puppy mill in TX. I was so scared when I came to NY that I wouldn't even walk or stand for several days. But, I am on the move now!

Did you know they have things called "toys" that are just meant for us dogs to play with? I am having a blast learning what I can do with these toys-I can even catch and chase them. Balls and Frisbees are my fav (oh and tugging is cool too)!

I LOVE to go on walks and have learned that it is super rewarding to walk beside my foster Mom as she surprises me with great treats!

I LOVE to play with other dogs and currently play many games of chase, wrestling and bitey face with my foster bc bro. We like making Mom and Dad laugh with our crazy games.

At first I was really unsure of "humans" but my Foster Mom lets me get up the courage and approach new people, places and things when I am ready. You see when I get to do new things when I am comfortable I find it a lot more rewarding and then the next time is not so scary.

In the beginning I thought my Foster Mom was the only safe human but I am learning that other humans are pretty cool too. I even nap beside my Foster Dad on the sofa when Mom is busy.

I have found that cuddling is nice when I am tired and massages are the best!

Apparently I have something called hip displaysia so I won't be able to be a super athlete BUT the supplements I am on help me to run and play and be a silly bc every day! I am an active boy but am learning there are times for play and times to go to my house (crate) and chew on a good bone! Boy do I LOVE to chew bones and I have beautiful teeth to show for it!

I also have a low thyroid level believed to be due to poor nutrition so I am on meds for this but hope to be off of them soon.

Even though I can be quite fearful of new situations, I shut down when I am scared by lying down or creating distance from whatever is scaring me. I don't bark and growl as retreating is more my style. I am learning to be more brave everyday especially with the help of my confident bc brother. My Foster Mom says the best forever family for me will be an adult family who has a great deal of time to spend with me and has lots of patience to help me become a confident and secure young man. Oh, special request-I would like to have at least one silly canine friend to play with who enjoys games like I do!

I am told by many that I am a very special, resilient and precious baby boy who will bless my new family with love, companionship and laughter!

A fenced in yard is preferred but an appropriate daily exercise routine will be considered.

Journey has seen cats and not reacted but has not been fully tested. He currently lives with 3 Chihuahuas, a border collie and an Aussie.

An adult home is needed as active young children would be very intimidating to him.

A positive reinforcement class will be required as part of his adoption.

Journey is being fostered in upstate NY.

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Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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