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Juno is a 2.5 years old smooth-coated border collie (possibly mix). She is very, very sweet and attentive, and she bonds deeply with her person or people. She loves to snuggle and spend time with her humans, but she never turns down the opportunity to invent new wrestling, chasing or herding games with other dogs. While she loves life and everything it has to offer, Juno is not hyper, and will 'hang out' with you after her evening walk or a romp in the woods.

Juno is very good at meeting strangers, and quickly wraps everyone she meets around one of her white paws. While at rescue, she is rapidly learning that jumping up at humans does not get her the cuddles and attention she wants, and she now meets most people by politely sitting down and wiggling her whole body in the anticipation of the ear and cheek scratches that she so likes.

Juno is also good at meeting new dogs both on and off leash. Because prior to coming to rescue she never had any canine friends, Juno is still trying hard to figure out how to 'talk dog'. She is a quick learner, and her foster sister has been very pleased with the progress Juno has made in the past few weeks (she will no longer land with ALL of her feet on another dog while playing nor will she sit down on another dog's head while they are napping! :-)).

Juno really loves to play with other dogs, and we would like to see her go to a situation where she could spend time with another easy-going dog(s).


Since she came to rescue, Juno has met a cat and, while interested, she seemed intimidated by it. She now also peacefully co-exists with a couple of parakeets. However, because Juno remains extremely interested in squirrels and other little critters outside, we think she would chase cats running away from her (as most dogs would do). Therefore, only cat homes with very dog-savvy cats should consider adopting Juno.

When excited, Juno becomes somewhat mouthy and jumpy. She quickly calms down once you turn away from her or ask her to sit, but because of this, we will not adopt her to a home with younger kids. Even though she pulls on a leash, Juno walks nicely on an EZ Walk harness.

While in a foster home, Juno is learning all about toys. She still has little interest in fetching (although she does surprise us from time to time), but she has now discovered the stuffed Kongs and durable Nylabones are a lot of fun.

Juno has been introduced to clicker-training in her foster home, and seems to enjoy it. So far, she knows 'sit', 'lie down', 'wait' and 'touch'. Her recall is not great at this point, and we would therefore like to see her go to a home with a fenced-in yard (but we will not rule out other appropriate situations). As other gentle border collies, Juno does not respond well to traditional training methods, and taking her through a positive reinforcement based training class will be a requirement of her adoption.

Overall, Juno is a very good natured dog that could easily adapt to living in a country or in a city. A quieter household would probably be better at this point as she is still learning all about the world around her and some sudden noises make her little worried (but not over the top). Juno is naturally very polite, and once she undergoes little more training and gets introduced to new things and noises, she could quite possibly accompany someone to their work every day.

P.S. from Juno

Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year, I would really like a new home. I am thinking of one where I would be allowed to climb up on my mom's or dad's bed for morning snuggles. That would be good. You see, I really like morning snuggles! I would also like a personal border collie or another fun dog to play with. Can you arrange that? If not, I wonder if we can borrow one from time to time? And I like adventures. Can you get me adventures? And while you are at it, can you send some bully sticks, dry tracheas and peanut butter Kongs with my new family? I would like that very much.

Love and doggie cuddles,

Juno is little under 50lb, and she has been microchipped and is up to date on shots and heartworm preventative. She is being fostered in upstate New York.

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