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Kahlua ~ ADOPTED



UPDATE: Kahlua is once again available for adoption! She was adopted into a wonderful home but unfortunately she and the resident dog were not comfortable with one another, and her adopters decided it wasn't fair to either of them. However, they had only glowing reports to say about Kahlua, here are some snippets:

"She’s attentive (in a big way). She companionable in a huge way. And the smartest dog. She’s awesome on leash walks, she kept my pace perfectly...she doesn’t pull on leash. She’s a dream. We practice "come” which she does really well."

"She is a totally wonderful little girl. She plays (even fetch enthusiastically, you just have to have treats), settles, is loving and affectionate. She is everything you could ask her to be."

"Seriously she is quite amazing. She is so smart it’s scary and you could put her easily into a house where they want a performance dog – agility or obedience or any kind of tracking or nosework. Agility is not my sport but the other three are and I know what to look for. It would be easy to have her competing in a very short period of time. And she is amazingly affectionate and playful and in fact displays none of the annoying adolescent stuff I would expect to see at her age."

Kahlua is a absolutely beautiful border collie x bernese mountain dog mix. She was born on April 26, 2012. Kahlua was relinquished to rescue due to chronic diarrhea that her previous owners were unable to get under control, even with multiple trips to vets and various testing and attempted treatments. They were heartbroken to give her up. Upon entering rescue Kahlua was switched to a raw diet. While on this diet her diarrhea has for the most part resolved. She will still be mildly affected from time to time, particularly if she gets dog biscuits or such.

She gets along just wonderfully with all the other dogs in her foster home! She plays with the young dogs and respects the older dogs. She *loves* to play with the other dogs and is really good at convincing them to play with her. She enjoys both wrestling and playing chase! She is good with dog savvy cats.

Kahlua also adores attention from people! She exhibits some slight shyness in new situations but very quickly becomes comfortable and friendly. She has not met any children while in foster care and we do not know how she is with children. Because of her initially slight shyness, she will not be placed with young children.

Kahlua is a true delight. She is an absolute joy to walk a leash, prancing along with her tail high just happy to be out and about. She doesn't react to other dogs she walks by who may be barking and carrying on in their yards. She adores being pet and she has simply the softest, loveliest coat, you just never want to stop petting her. She is just a lovely girl.

A fence is always preferred but individual circumstances will be evaluated. (No invisible fence, please!)

She will be placed with a training requirement and you must have an approved trainer lined up prior to adoption.

She is currently thriving on a raw diet and (at this time)* she will only be placed in a home that is committed to continuing her on this diet. Our preference would be for an adopter who already feeds raw and has a veterinarian who supports this decision. We will consider a home that is not currently feeding raw but is committed to continuing Kahlua on the diet, but this type of home will need to have a veterinarian who is on board with this. Here is some general information: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/raw-feeding-primer/

UPDATE: We have tried Kahlua on Fresh Pet Vitals and does seem to tolerate that. This is another food option for her and may also mean she may be a candidate for a cooked diet.

We cannot stress enough that so far, this is the *ONLY* thing that has worked to resolve the chronic diarrhea that caused Kahlua to come into rescue. We have done a variety of medical tests and have ruled out a medical problem as the cause. The chronic diarrhea appears to be diet related. We have tried commercially produced veterinary "digestive" diets with disastrous results - Kahlua *cannot* eat a kibble diet.

*(This bio will be updated if we find any other diet options that may work for Kahlua.)

Check out Kahlua in action:

Kahlua will be spayed prior to her adoption.

Please note dogs are not placed on a first come, first served basis. We always look for the ideal match between dog and adopter.

Kahlua is being fostered in NY state on the border of southern VT. Please contact her foster home if you are interested in learning more about her and have an approved application on file.


You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.

And don't forget to check out the NEBCR Foster Dog Blog for even more updates on the terrific dogs available for adoption!

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