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Kaileigh ~ ADOPTED



Kaileigh is a petite little female border collie. She weights about 30 pounds and flits around like a slim and fair little girl that her name would indicate. She is still a youngster born in March of 2012.

Since coming into rescue, she has learned about living in the house with a family who cherishes her...and this is a lifestyle that she really likes. She is still learning to trust, but if you have treats, a ball or a frisbee, she will trust you pretty quickly. She is still a bit overwhelmed in crowds, but in smaller groups she shines!

When she came to this foster home, she was a car chaser. She has worked hard to overcome that compulsion, but her impulse control and her recall are not yet rock solid. A hard fence is required. Homes with invisible fencing will not be considered.

Since she is still learning how to be a family member and is still on the learning curve as a puppy, she will not be placed in a home with children.

Kaileigh loves to play. She loves to fetch balls and frisbees, and it seems as though she could do this for hours on end. She loves to train and is food and toy motivated; BUT she is not a high drive border collie. She is still building her confidence and her work ethic may increase as she becomes more comfortable. She loves water hoses and swimming,too.

She has been introduced to sheep and some basic herding. She enjoys helping with the farm chores and is learning to understand her instincts.

Check out Kaileigh in action...

Kaileigh is really an extraordinary youngster. Although she shows possible athletic potential, what she wants most is to have her very own person who will snuggle with her. Are you that person?

Kaileigh is being fostered in Maine


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