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Hi! My name is Kali. I am a 4 year old border collie looking for my forever home. I had a home, I thought it was forever. But then that darned baby learned to crawl! I just couldn't have that, I'm a border collie and had to keep the baby in line. My family was very sad, but they sent me here, to NEBCR!

When I first came to my foster home, I was pretty nervous. After all, I had lived one place my whole life and everything was changed. It took a while for me to get the routine down, but now I've got those people trained. People are one of my favoritist things. Next to my ball. The best are the people that will throw my ball! I will play ball all day long. I bring it back and drop it at my foster families feet and wait for them to throw it again!

I'm learning some new things here too, like "sit" "wait" and "come." Foster mom says I don't quite have my come down, as sometimes I give her the "in a minute" look. Hmmm, I wonder what she means by that?

Foster mom also says I am kinda laid back for a border collie. Don't get me wrong, I love my ball. But my next favorite thing is SNUGGLE TIME!!!!! When my foster family comes home I practically turn inside out to greet them. I love to give kisses to people. I love to hang out with people. At your feet, on your lap, where ever you are, I will be.

I am crate trained, but I don't particularly like my crate- especially if people are in another part of the house. Did I mention I like people? I go in my crate when my foster family goes to work, but I earned room privileges at night! I get my own room with a bed where I get to chill, everyone sleeps better that way. Foster mom says I am trustworthy now. I am completely crate trained and not destructive (whatever that means!)

There's another Border Collie here and we live together just fine. Foster mom says we "peacefully coexsist" whatever that means. I say I don't bother him and he doesn't bother me. It's all good.

One thing my new home should know is that I do not like loud noises! Thunderstorms, motorcycles, the weed whacker- make me quiver and get real scared. So scared that sometimes I take it out on the other dog here. I don't mean to, but I'm afraid and he's there. Now my foster family manages me and keeps me away from him if I am scared. Because of this, foster mom says I should be an only dog or live with another dog who is confident.

The final details- I just got a beautiful new haircut and am watching my weight. I was a little chunky when I came here and foster mom has been working on that. Because I don't like those crawling things, I will only go to a family with kids over the age of 10.

In my old home, I was trained on an invisible fence and now am really scared of boundaries. I will only go to a home with a solid fence.

Foster mom says a positive based obedience class will be required so I can bond with my new family.

Dog savvy cats are OK, but I probably would chase a cat that would run.

Please help me find a home where I can play ball, lay on your lap and kiss your face!

Kali is being fostered in Maine.

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