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Kayden ~ ADOPTED



Hi, my name is Kayden. My foster mom says I am a puppy in a big boy body. I am now 1 year old and about 37 pounds.

I love to explore and chase other dogs. I love it when they move! And I love balls, especially tennis balls. My favorite thing to do is drop a ball from the top of a little hill...then try to find it when it gets to the bottom.

My foster mom says I make her smile. I attack everything I do with 100% of myself yet with the innocence of a younger puppy. I am amazed at what the world has to offer, so I love to explore. Sometimes I bump into things that don't move or are not high contrast, but that's ok...I bounce off things real well.

I need to have a fenced yard since I am still learning about coming back when called. I love to learn and am learning how to be a good family member when in the house. I have not had any accidents in the house yet (I do all my potties outside)…which I am told is very good. At night I sleep in my crate and I settle nicely when I am in there. But I do get a little mouthy if I think someone else is having more fun than I am!

I have learned that "sit" gets me treats or pats. I love treats and pats. When I meet someone I try to show my good manners and I sit, but then I just get so excited that I either wiggle until I fall over or I just have to reach up and hug.

My foster brothers and sisters are really fun! Some are just like me and some are smaller. I have a lot of fun chasing them and playing. I don't know about cats…I haven't been around them yet.

But it isn't always easy for me 'cuz I am a very special boy. When I was a little itty bitty puppy, I lost the vision in one eye. But I didn't notice it too much because I could still see out of my other eye. But when I was 8 months old my bad eye got really painful and my good eye started to go bad, too.

The only way they could make the pain go away was to remove my bad eye. But I can still see movement and shadows with my other eye. I have to take medicine in my eye to keep the pressure down 'cuz I have Glaucoma. One day I may lose all my vision, but for now I can see enough stuff to get into trouble!

Check me out...

I can run and jump and now I can find my forever family. Are you that family?

Kayden is being fostered in Maine.

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