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Keebler ~ ADOPTED



Like the cookies, Keebler is uncommonly good and very sweet!!!

But all that good does come with some problems. Keebler has a serious phobia to certain noises particularly motor sounds from certain engines, air brakes, and the sound trucks make when backing up. When she hears one of these sounds, which can happen unexpectedly at any time, she makes a frantic attempt to escape. When trying to escape she does things that can put herself in danger. This means that for own safety she has to be crated when she can't be watched.

This presents another problem as she hates to be crated. She also has separation anxiety and must know where her person is at all times. Keebler has been for a consultation with the behaviorists at Tufts, and is presently on meds for the sound phobia and the separation anxiety and we are starting to see an improvement. In combination with the meds we are working to get her to gain a bit of independence and are attempting to desensitize and countercondition the sound phobia. It is a long process and will have to be followed up on in her new home.

Keebler's adopter will have to be a very special person. He or she will have to make a huge commitment to help Keebler become just a normal Border Collie.

On the plus side Keebler is a great athlete. She loves to retrieve and has great reflexes. The link below has a little clip of her playing Frisbee when she had been in rescue for just a short time.

Keebler loves kids but may be a little too determined in her ball playing to be safe for the little ones.

She is living with a male and female dog in her foster home. Although they get along fine she shows no interest in playing with them. They are willing to let her have all the toys so living with another dog that liked toys as much as she does might be a problem.

Because of her issues, Keebler cannot live in an urban environment nor can she be left at home for long periods of time. Her ideal home is someone who lives in a quiet environment, is home a good deal of the time and is willing to spend the time and effort it will take to help Keebler be the happy, well adjusted, fun, active companion she can be. While this may not be an easy task, in the long run sweet Keebler will pay off your efforts with her undying affection.

Keebler is being fostered in upstate NY. A positive reinforcement based training class is a condition of Keebler's adoption.

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