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Hey there! I'm Keely!

Let me tell you a bit about myself: I would do well in a moderately active home. I am good at chillin' in the house but outside I like to run, run, run! And boy, am I fast! I am very athletic and love to jump - there is just so much happiness inside me at times, I am almost bursting to let it all out!

I love people and would adore having my own special person to take for long walks and just generally hang out together. I am learning to walk well on a leash - right now my foster mom uses an Easy-Walk harness on me and I walk beautifully on it. My foster mom says I'm pretty easy to train and pick up new commands pretty quickly.

I am house-trained and crate-trained and I love, love, love going for car rides! In fact, car rides are my most favorite thing in the world... I am happy to ride in a crate or in the back seat.

Hmm... what else? I am not afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises. I get along with most other dogs but I only play with certain dogs that I deem worthy. I have only recently decided that my foster brothers are worthy of play but it took me a few months to come to that decision...

I have a pretty strong prey drive, especially when it comes t squirrels! I've been getting along well with the older, laid back, dog savvy kitties in my foster home, but young, active critters (like kittens) are really too much for me. Other than that, I'm a pretty easy dog to live with.

Okay, my foster mom said I have to be completely honest and point out that I do have some quirks that might make me a bit of a challenge to live with:

I used to like to bark, especially when I was on squirrel-duty. I barked a lot when I first came to my foster home, but now that I'm in a pretty quiet, laid back foster home, I don't feel the need to bark much at all. My foster mom thinks this is because I am feeling more comfortable in the yard now.

I will bark at someone using power tools in a neighboring yard. (I ignore them when they are being used in my yard - I'm silly like that). There are some noises on TV that make me howl... did I mention I was silly?

I like to jump. I can jump over 6 feet straight up in the air. My foster mom calls me her "little pogo stick". She has been teaching me to sit when I run up to someone instead of springing up in the air and bouncing off of them. The sitting doesn't seem anywhere as much fun as my old approach, but it gets me lots of treats so I am willing to run up to people and screeeeeech to a sit now.

Though I love people, I can be a little scared when I first meet someone new. I might bark a bit and act all tough (or I might love them at first sight - I like to keep the humans guessing. A girl needs to keep her air of mystery after all). If I am unsure of the new person, I just need some time to get used to them. It would be best if my people didn't force any introductions and had the new people toss me treats without getting in my face. That is usually all it takes for me to be comfortable.

The other thing that my new family needs to be aware of is that I can be a resource-guarder with other dogs. When I have a yummy treat (I don't guard my toys, just food) I growl something fierce if I think another dog is going to take it from me. I'm getting better with this too though, especially if the other dog ignores my shenanigans.

My foster parents say I'm like a young, inexperienced pup in a 7 year old body. I'm curious about everything in the world and love to explore. I also have an unlimited supply of kisses for my people and my favorite thing in the world is to be near them, or to snuggle in their lap.

Because of my quirks (which I think just add character), any kids in my family will need to be older than 10.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am a car-chaser. In my first home, I was left outside in a kennel all day with nothing to do but run the fence-line after cars and bikes, so it is a seriously ingrained behavior at this point. This, along with my high prey-drive, is why a SECURE, HARD FENCE is a requirement of my adoption. No invisible/electric fences will not be considered.

Please do not inquire about me if you do not have a securely hard-fenced yard for me to play in.

Finally, I have been tested for a low-thyroid. The results indicated that I am not hypo-thyroid right now, but I have the potential to become hypo-thyroid as I age and should be tested at my regular check-ups. The good news is that if I do become hypo-thyroid, it only requires me to take an inexpensive little pill (I'm a good pill-taker).

So, that's me in a nutshell. I would love to have someone home with me a good chunk of the day, but I'll be happy to wait patiently for you to come home and shower you with kisses. If you are looking for a dog with lots of love to give, and you think you can meet my needs, I'm your girl!

Note: an approved positive-reinforcement training class is required with this adoption.

Keely is being fostered in NH.

For more info on Keely, check out her blog at http://viewfromthebackporch.blogspot.com/

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