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Hello! Koda here:

Foster Mom and Dad say I am a great dog. Possibly the best dog ever. I do not know what that means, but I know I get lots of pets, treats, and love. I really like to play Frisbee and am very good at catching it. I can catch treats too!

So, now to tell you about my furever home. My ideal home will have at least one other dog for me to play with. I do not like to be left alone, so it would be great if someone were home most of the day for me to lavish affection upon. Oh yeah, did I mention someone needs to throw me the Frisbee every day. I do like stuffed toys and am pretty good with them. I like lots of walks each day and outside time.

Koda’s Foster Parents here:

Koda is the BEST DOG EVER. He does not need a leash in the yard and has great recall. He knows all the basic commands. He is quiet overall and takes his treats in a nice manner. He does walk nicely on leash, but a gentle reminder of leash manners may be needed. He is super generous with the tail wags and affection. He is good with cats, but his foster brother is teaching him they can be fun to chase. He has chased the livestock, but is easily called off of them. He may make a chore dog with some training since it is obvious he has the interest, but is not yet sure what to do.

Koda is a very vocal dog. He has different noises depending on needing to go out, play, attention, etc. It is very endearing for sure. He has the most expressive face and ears and gives you his full attention when you speak to him, often tilting his head from side to side as if he is trying hard to figure things out.

Koda loves to play. He loves to play fetch with his humans and bitey face with his dog friends. He is not a dominant dog, but will provide correction when needed.

Inside Koda readily goes to his crate or happily hangs out with you. He sleeps at night in his crate, but would happily sleep on the big dog bed as well. He rides well in the car, mostly curling up and going to sleep. He loves to go out on adventures and makes a great ride along dog.

Koda would not be a candidate for small children (under 10). He loves his people and can sometimes jump. He might accidently hurt a small child. Otherwise, Koda is a great dog and would make a contented addition to an active home. A fenced yard would be recommended, but not necessary depending on the neighborhood.

Koda is being fostered in New Hampshire


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