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Hi, my name is Kodiac. That's "Kody" for short. My foster mom says I am a puppy in a big boy body. I am now 1 year old and about 40 pounds. I have a nice athletic body and love to chase frisbees, balls, and my foster brothers and sisters. As a matter of fact, my foster mom calls me "a party in a box" but also a "love sponge." She has a lot of nicknames for me.

She says I make her laugh. I attack everything I do with 100% of myself yet with the innocence of a younger puppy. You see, I didn't experience a whole lot when I was a baby-puppy, so I am just amazed at what the world has to offer. I am still learning how to control my excitement, so my forever family shouldn't have kids...I might accidentally knock them over or play too rough.

I am learning about freedom and how to earn privileges. I used to only get to run on a chain, so I love running free in my fenced yard. I need to have a fenced yard since I am still learning about coming back when called. I love to learn and am learning how to be a good family member when in the house. I have not had any accidents in the house yet (I do all my potties outside)...which I am told is very good, but I don't understand what mom means when she talks about "manners." She tells me I have a lot to learn about manners. But I AM learning. At night I sleep in my crate and I settle nicely when I am in there. But I do get a little mouthy if I think someone else is having more fun than I am!

I have learned that "sit" gets me treats or pats; "down" gets me treats or pats; touching a hand gets me treats or pats; coming when called gets treats or pats. I love treats and pats. I am also learning that if I bring the ball back, I get to chase it again. I thought that if I gave it up I wouldn't get to play any more so I didn't want to give it back...but that is not how it works. As long as I bring it back and sit, I can keep playing...except my foster people get tired before I do...so we sometimes play a different game after a while.

My foster brothers and sisters are really fun! Some are just like me and some are smaller. I have a lot of fun chasing them and playing. I have some foster brothers and sisters that are older, and I even have one that is only 6 months old. I get along with them all, but I prefer the ones that like to run and chase with me.

I guess I could live in a place where I was the only dog, but my person would have to like to play. If I had doggy brothers and sisters, I would be sooooo happy! I don't know about cats...I haven't been around them yet.

A few months ago, we went on an adventure to watch my foster sister work with sheepies. Wow! that looked like fun! So I got a turn. I really liked working with them. I don't quite understand why, but I pretty much knew what to do. My new person friend in the pen with us helped me to understand how to make the sheep go where she wanted them to go, and it was a fun game getting them to do what she wanted. They said that I had a lot of potential. I like sheepies!!!

I love playing in the snow. But unfortunately I love it too much. One day back in December I was playing in the snow and I slipped and broke my leg. The Dog-ter did surgery on my leg and he says it is as good as new! I had to stay still for a while, and I really wanted to get out and play. But I was a very good boy and did as I was told so now I am all healed and building up my muscles again. I can run and jump and now I can find my forever family. Are you that family?

To see Kody in action, check out the video below!

Kody is being fostered in Central Maine.

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