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Kyle is an approximately 4.5 year old red and white border collie. Kyle can be a little nervous and skittish at times. It takes some time before he trusts and warms up to people, but he is a friendly dog and enjoys being with people and other dogs. He particularly likes to be petted on his head and around his ears. He will nudge his nose under your hand or arm to let you know to keep petting him!

Kyle loves his crate and will often go in there to rest. It is recommended that a crate continue to be used with Kyle to provide a safe, secure place for him.

Kyle has excellent house manners and does not jump on counters or furniture (other than one coffee table!). He is very calm and quiet inside the house and settles nicely. He prefers to stay in his crate or lie on the floor in the same room as people.

Kyle enjoys going for walks and hikes and has very good leash skills. He becomes friendlier and more confident when outside and being active. On walks/hikes, he has met other dogs and people without any issues and very little nervousness. He has also seen bicycles, joggers, and even horses and has done well with each situation!

Kyle is a medium energy border collie. Active, outdoorsy homes are preferred for him since he does so well outside and because he enjoys exercising.

Kyle has shown some herding potential (he has a tendency to herd other dogs). He was tested on sheep recently, but at that point in time was too nervous to be properly assessed for sheep herding. He did demonstrate some herding potential during his herding instinct test and it was recommended that he continue to take sheep herding lessons to help him build up his confidence.

Kyle will need to attend positive reinforcement-based obedience classes. This will help Kyle build confidence and bond with his new family. It is also a requirement that any dogs in his prospective home meet and interact with him prior to adoption to see how they do with Kyle potentially herding them.

Kyle is currently being fostered with four other dogs and does well with each of them. He does not yet play with toys, but he enjoys munching on chews and treats.

Kyle should go to a home without any cats since he gets very intense when he sees them.

Kyle is being fostered on the North Shore of Long Island, NY.


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