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Larkspur ~ ADOPTED

NOTE: All puppies under 6 months old will require an additional $350 spay/neuter deposit on top of the regular adoption fee. This will be returned to you upon confirmation that the spay/neuter has been done within the agreed upon timeframe.

Larkspur is a delight! A sweet and active male pup, we think he's got great potential as a sports candidate. He enjoys playing with toys, interacting with people, and is a very clever fellow. He has enjoyed playing on the wobbly sled, the miniature a-frame, and the little tunnel set up in the puppy pens - very brave and always up for new things!

Larkspur's adopters will be required to attend an approved positive reinforcement based puppy kindergarten class with him.

Homes with children and a determination about whether a fence is required will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Larkspur has been weaned onto a raw diet and is thriving. Our ideal home would be interested in continuing to feed a raw diet to maximize the health and longevity of their new family member. To learn more about feeding a raw diet, take a look here: http://rawlearning.com/

You can see more photos and video of Larkspur on THE PUPPY BLOG.

Larkspur is being fostered in upstate NY.

You must have an approved application on file *BEFORE* inquiring about a particular dog.



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