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Layne is a delightful, sweet, and adorable tri-colored female border collie with a white face and one blue eye. She is approximately 6-7 years old. She came into rescue overweight and is currently on a diet and exercise regime to help her slim down to a healthy weight.

Layne has been a joy to foster. She was very frightened upon arrival, but within a day or so had warmed up, adjusted to the huge upheaval in her life, and was soliciting petting and attention. She loves to herd the other dogs as they fetch, and will also chase a toy that is thrown, but generally doesn't return it to you. She will grab it, and either drop it, or will toss it in your general direction. She will also "bounce" it back to you if you throw it at her. She is a true character!

She can be nervous in new situations and gets very slow and still, and will put her face very close to you which can be disconcerting at first but once you realize she's not trying to be threatening you kind of get used to it. :) Once she knows you she can't get enough attention and is a sponge for affection. She's so adorable it's not hardship to lavish it on her. She wants to be with her people and will fuss a little if left behind in another room, but this quickly subsides.

Layne has gotten along wonderfully with every dog she has met, is fine (no interest) with the kitty cats, and doesn't seem interested in the caged critters either.

She walks nicely on a leash and knows sit. She's good about not jumping up for the most part, and when she does, it's very lightly and politely and only when she is nervous, or very happy.

Layne would do best in a home without a lot of hustle and bustle, which makes her nervous. Small children will likely be a bit overwhelming for her for just this reason. She has never lived as an only dog and would likely do best going to a home where she can continue to have canine companionship.

Car rides make Layne nervous and she generally resists getting in by doing her best "nonviolent protest" which is turning into a pile on mush on the ground. Once in the car she rides well and she has been taking some trips to fun places with her foster mom so hopefully she'll realize the car = good things.

Layne will often roll over on her back when you try to attach a leash or put on a harness or seatbelt. She needs someone with patience to work with her and build her confidence.

Her adopter will be required to take her to an approved, positive reinforcement based training class as a condition on her adoption, to help build her confidence and her bond with her new family.

If you think you can offer Layne a loving home where she can having all the attention she deserves and desires, please complete the application and get in touch. Layne is being fostered in upstate NY near the VT border.

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