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Lee (Leroy) ~ ADOPTED


Lee (or Leroy... or Leedog) is a neutered, 1 year old male Border Collie mix. His coat is smooth, tri-colored and speckled. He weighs about 40 pounds and is somewhat lanky.

Leroy has been in rescue since the Summer, and everybody that meets him wonders how he hasn't been adopted yet.

"He's so handsome!", they say.

"But, he's pretty easy, right?", they ask.

"He gets along with your dogs so well!", they exclaim.

Yup, that is all correct. Lee is one of the easiest foster dogs that we've ever had, and we really have no idea why he hasn't been adopted yet. Won't you be the one?

Since he's a young BC mix, he's got some energy, but he's not remotely as over the top as some young purebreds that we've had. Lee settles down nicely in the house, curling up on the couch or will entertain himself if no other dogs are present (or if they don't feel like playing).

Lee has two foster brothers and they all get along swimmingly. Lee will defer to the bossy Border Collie and the very wise and stoic older mutt that lives here. Leroy also gets along well with the very dog savvy cat in his foster home.

Ideally, the family that adopts Leroy will have another dog that likes to play, especially a dog (or dogs) that likes to wrestle and romp. But if not, Lee would be great as an only dog, as he's very much a people lover. He especially likes women (good boy!). He likes to play fetch and is acting more like a Border Collie these days, trying to 'out herd' his BC foster brother. They have an order to their fetch games, which is a very BC-like trait.

He's got nice basic training, but really needs a positive reinforcement class, or an owner with +R training experience. He is very athletic, can jump several feet in the air and could certainly be a good agility prospect (jumpers course, anyone?)

Leroy is well-socialized, has no fear issues (at all!) and is VERY gung ho about pretty much everything. He LOVES to ride in the car and take it all in.

I would be hesitant to place Lee in a family with young kids, but older dog savvy kids would be fine. I say this only because he can be pretty rambunctious at times; he's still sort of a pup who doesn't fully know his own size (and therefore doesn't know why he shouldn't be in the lap of everybody he meets).

Overall, Leroy is a very sweet dog who loves people and LOVES other dogs. He's up to date on all shots and is neutered.

Leroy is being fostered in Southern Vermont.

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