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Lilly is a 9 year old spunky girl. She loves to play ball and with other toys, the squeakier the better . She walks very nicely on leash and likes car rides. She is crate trained and is used to spending time in hers, preferably with a stuffed kong or chewy. Lilly was much loved but gained a little too much weight which doesn’t stop her from showing typical Border Collie traits! She will be quite the player once she slims down.  With the right diet and proper exercise, she will be a real beauty!

Lilly needs to get a fair amount of exercise and would probably enjoy some training for mental stimulation. She gets into mischief when she hasn’t burned off some of that Border Collie energy, getting into everything, including what’s on counters and tables. Her foster family is working on that, but it is a hard habit to break, when there are so many good things to be had up there, including chewable cardboard, cards, paper... ;-).

Lilly loves everyone and gets along with all dogs. After a romp in the yard or a long walk she’ll happily lay down and have you rub her belly, or her head, or her butt: she’ll leave the body part up to you ;-)! She sleeps in her crate, but would prefer sleeping on a dog bed near her people. She has not been exposed to cats, but is showing some interest into the rabbit at her foster home, so should probably not live with other small furry critters.

Though Lilly would get along fine with children, she can be rambunctious and is mouthy when excited, so should probably only live with young people above twelve or so.

Lilly would make a great addition to an active family. If you’re willing to commit some time and training to her, she could be the perfect partner in any number of activities.

Lilly is being fostered in Eastern Massachusetts.


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