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Linn is an approximately 18 month old red and white border collie. She is cute as a button with the most adorable blaze and a super cute ear set! She is very sweet, and very shy.

Linn gets along very well with other dogs and cats. She has been around birds as well and has not shown interest in them. She will engage in play with other dogs if they are persistent in their invitations to her. Linn loves the kitties in her foster home! She respects them if they don't want her too close, and loves to spend time trying to get them to play if her if they will tolerate her.

Linn walks very well on a leash, and really enjoys the walks and hikes her foster family takes her on. She will sometimes self-play with toys but really prefers cat toys over any other kind! Linn really seems to warm up much more quickly to men than to women. She adores her foster dad and gleefully greets him in the morning and when he returns from work. She insists on sitting on his lap, even! Even on her walks she tends to gravitate toward men (especially those with grey hair!) She is most comfortable with her foster mom when she (foster mom) is sitting or lying down, but she has not opened up with her the way she has with her foster dad. She also has a teenage foster brother, but she is more reserved with him than she is with older men.

Linn has never shown any aggression at all. She simply avoids interactions if she is not comfortable.

Working with a NEBCR *approved* trainer who has experience with fearful dogs will be a requirement for her adopters. Please take a look at http://www.fearfuldogs.com for more information on living with a fearful dog.

A securely fenced yard greatly preferred, but individual circumstances will be considered. No invisible fence will be considered due to the flight risk a fearful dog poses.

Linn is still a work in progress but has shown the ability to bond and has been making steady, but slow, progress in her foster home. For the right adopters, she will be worth all the patience that will be required to win her heart.

Linn is being fostered in Connecticut.


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