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Howdy! Logan-the-good-dog here. I was asked to tell you all about myself, so why don't you take a seat because I have quite the story to tell. So here is what I remember...

I came to be about 1.5 - 2 years ago. I really don't care about looks, but if you were to ask me, I say I am quite the looker. A border collie mix, they say, but what do they know?! I am not only photogenic, but I also have good manners to go with my looks. And I love people. All of them. Tall and short, big and small, girls and boys, old and young. I even like kids! Kids are fun! Especially when they throw balls and Frisbees. Yippiiiieeeee!

Anyhow, to get back to my R-E-S-U-M-E (ugh, spelling is hard, wouldn't you say?!). Well, let me tell ya, I was on quite the adventure before I found the folks at NEBCR. Just imagine... one day, all of sudden, I found myself at a Little League field full of little people. To my great a-s-t-o-n-i-s-h-m-e-n-t, there were balls flying everywhere. I love balls! I just knew they were meant for me, so I was stealing 'em, I mean collecting 'em and bringing them back to the little people to throw them again.. and again.. and again. Now that's what I call FUN!

One of the little people's family took me home with them. They had eight dogs and some cats and chickens and bunnies. And more little people! I liked it there. But they also had this German Shepherd teenager of a dog. Let me tell you, I did not like him at all! You see, I am not fond of dogs that get in my face, even when it's because they are trying to play -- I guess that makes me i-n-t-o-l-e-r-a-n-t. I don't know why they don't leave me alone, I will happily ignore them if they stay out of my way! Anyhow, I tend to get into serious trouble around other dogs, and my foster mom now says I cannot go to a home with other dogs. And no dog parks for Logan either, she says. What-ever! I prefer people to dogs anyways.

Anyhow, where was I?! A-ha! Hobbies. I like hobbies. My favorite are: (1) catching Frisbees, balls and other toys, (2) snuggling up and following my person around (3) riding in the car and (4) going on nice walks. Walks are fun! I don't like these annoying things - leashes they call them - but my foster mom is teaching me to like them better. It's hard work. Maybe my new home could go and get me an EZ Walk Harness to make this walking thing easier.

I also want to share with you that I like kitties. Kitties are cute. But only when they are in the house. Where I live now, we also have what they call the 'barn cats' and those I like to chase. And I think I would chase horses too, but my foster mom doesn't let me (bummer).

I am not hyper at all, my foster mom says. Kinda low energy. But don't get fooled by that because if I get bored, I will scale any fence to go and find someone to throw the ball for me.

My foster mom says that I don't have a recall yet. I don't know what recall is. I wonder if it's like a Frisbee? Anyhow, my foster mom also says that I have a POTENTIAL to get a good recall -- whatever that means. And while there is no recall to be found, my foster mom says we already have 'sit', 'lie down', 'shake' and some 'stay' too. I wonder where those are hiding?!

Ugh, typing up R-E-S-U-M-E-S is a hard work. I think I need to take a nap now. If you think you would like me to come over and catch your frisbees, you should fill out an application.

Later! Logan-the-good-dog is being fostered in upstate New York.

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