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Meet Lucy! Lucy is an incredibly sweet 7 year old border collie mix who has found herself in rescue through no fault of her own.

Lucy absolutely adores her person/s. Her mission in life is to be by their side at all times. She’s not a high energy dog by any means, and would much rather just hang with her person and go for lots walks or car rides. It’s the simple things for this girl.

Lucy currently lives with another Border Collie, and is a rock star at ignoring all the crazy high energy things he does. She’s had no problem sharing treats, toys or the bed with him- although she can get grumbly if he takes up too much space or dares to show interest in whatever squeaky toy she is playing with (don’t mess with a girl’s squeaky toy!). She does not have any interest in playing with him, just sort of co-exists. Lucy does not live with any cats, but when meeting them out and about has not had any interest in them.

Although Lucy loves her own people, she can be quite shy when meeting new people. She likes to give strangers that come over her house a good barking at, but quickly realizes that your friends are her friends. Out and about she can be nervous about meeting new people, and will sometimes try to hide behind her foster mom. It is usually only a matter of minutes though before she realizes that new people are just as good at giving her attention. Lucy is also very nervous around young children, and so this, combined with her shyness, makes us think she would do best in a home with adults and older children.

Lucy does not enjoy loud barking dogs, she feels the need to return the favor. Otherwise, she has done great at meeting a variety of new dogs out and about while in rescue. As with her foster brother, she has not had any interest in playing or interacting with them.

Lucy came into rescue quite overweight and with some skin infections. Her ideal home will be one that can commit to taking her for walks and hikes to keep her exercised and socialized in a positive way. And of course, shower her with the endless love and attention she deserves!

Lucy is being fostered in Maine.


Check out Lucy in action!

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