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Luke is a handsome black tri-color border collie. He will be 3 years old in August. Luke is in rescue through no fault of his own. He came into his foster home and acts as though he has been here all of his life.

Luke gets along well with other dogs of all sizes. He is willing to do just about anything you ask of him. He was recently neutered and had a dangling dewclaw removed while he was under anesthesia. He allowed his foster parents to remove the bandage without any problem at all. He was excellent at the vets’ office for all his vaccines, blood draw, and exam.

Luke enjoys balls of all shapes and sizes. He also tried out some agility with his foster mom and did quite well, learning tunnel and jump very quickly! He also enjoys swimming in the pond with his foster siblings. We had him out on sheep but feel that he would rather have his sheep with butter and little salt. He is fine with cats.

Luke will need to attend a positive reinforcement class – obedience, agility, or other class where he and his new owner can learn to communicate for a successful future. Right now he pulls quite hard on a leash when out for walks. He has excellent house manners.

I am looking for a home where Luke will be a well-loved family member. He would definitely be a candidate for dog sports, but that is not a requirement should Luke and I find that perfect family for his forever home. A fence may not be required for Luke in the right environment, and with a family that meets his exercise needs. An invisible fence may be considered depending on the situation.

If you have an approved application on file and want to find more about this handsome boy, please contact his foster family and indicate Foster Dog Luke in the subject line.

Luke is being fostered in eastern upstate NY.


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