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Lune is a happy and confident 1yo gal. She is a classically marked black + white border collie and weighs about 40lbs. Typical of young border collies, Lune has a TON of energy that needs to be funneled into constructive activities.

She's a bright girl who will test your boundaries, so a NEBCR-approved basic obedience class will be required in order to properly build a working relationship. If you're not ready to commit to a sport like agility, herding or flyball, then consider a border collie that is no longer an adolescent! Border collies that are 3 years and older have already settled into their personalities + activity levels, so there's a better chance that you'll find a dog that truly matches your lifestyle.

Lune loves to play fetch with her people, and loves to play chase with other dogs just as much. However, she can be a bit obnoxious in her enticements to play with other dogs. It can take a few corrections on her playmate's part to let her know they're not in the mood. She is still learning her basic obedience: sit, down, stay, wait, come, etc and will need continued work on this in her new home. Lune was tested on sheep and shows natural talent. Due to Lune's energy level, sport homes will be preferred.

Lune will chase cats if they run, so she should go to a home with no cats or with extremely dog-savvy cats. She will also chase small animals when in the yard, so a fenced yard is preferred.

If Lune has not had enough exercise, she will not settle in the house. She will bark at you/other dogs to continue playing, but her foster home has been working on redirecting that energy to playing by herself and/or settling with a chew toy. Lune is being fostered in central MA.

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