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This sweet, smart girl is named Macy. A 1 year old border collie (DOB Jan 2009), Macy has a tan and white coat and beautiful eyes. She is medium sized and weighs about 45 pounds. Macy would love to be a constant companion for a lucky person or family. She lives to follow her people around and accompany them in the yard and in the house. Macy likes to carry something around in her mouth, especially when you just get home (her bed, a toy, her water dish, whatever she can grab!). She also enjoys playing with toys and tug. Macy is a kisser, and loves to get in your lap! She likes to be petted, scratched and rubbed. She fetches tennis balls and usually brings them back to you.

For a young dog, Macy is a pretty mellow, laid back pup. Like any young BC, she will need daily exercise, but is more of a medium/low drive dog. In the house she plops down near wherever her people are and rests until they get up again. Macy can also entertain herself by playing with toys or chewing a chewy. Macy is housetrained, rides well in the car and doesn't chew inappropriate items.

We think Macy would be happiest living as an only pet. She was relinquished for being a bit guardy with other dogs, and we have seen this in rescue too. She has never met a cat, so we're not sure how she'd do with them.

Macy has been working on learning some tricks and behaviors in her foster home using positive training (treats and praise!). She would love to continue this training in her new home, or maybe even learn a sport like agility, obedience or scent work to build her confidence. She doesn't need to compete, she would just love to learn some new skills and work with her person. Macy needs a family who understands positive training, as she has already had some negative experiences with compulsion/dominance-based training.

Macy is a bit shy with strangers, but warms up quickly if allowed to approach at her own pace. She doesn't like to be stared at or overwhelmed with attention when she meets new people. Her foster family instructs guest to essentially ignore her, and in just a few minutes she makes friends/gives kisses. Macy needs a family who will understand this and not push her to feel uncomfortable. She has not been around children, but she would likely be fine with older kids. Macy's foster family is using treats/positive training to help her get over some of her other fears like going to the vet and being brushed.

Macy is looking for a home that is able to spend as much time with her as possible. She LOVES being with her people and really doesn't like being alone. She can be left alone if you need to run out for awhile, but a family who works full time away from the home will not be considered. She doesn't much like being in a crate, being with people is so much better! But she is OK with being left in a gated room at bedtime and when her foster family is at work. Macy is a comfort-seeking pup, and loves to be comfy! She does a very cute scratch/circle routine on the carpet, bed or couch when trying to make a spot even more comfy for herself! Macy is a very sweet, smart girl who will make a great companion for the right family.

Macy is being fostered in Northwest CT.

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